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Arts-and-Entertainment We are happy to announce that our hot product Rayzz has proved it again by hitting 1500 in the sales scale. It is not a surprise, it deserves it. It promises a more .prehensive social networking site that facilitates users to share audio, photos and articles apart from videos for all clients. Agriya, a Chennai based web development .pany, launched its very first product, Rayzz in 2006. Those were the days when online videos started ruling the web and YouTube was at its peak, although it continues to retain its position. Owing to the popularity of YouTube, many YouTube clones sprung up in the market. Rayzz was one among them. The R&D department at Agriya analyzed the market and found that .munity sites like Facebook, MySpace were also popular among the net surfers. So they decided to incorporate networking features in Rayzz for giving a unique status to it in the YouTube clone script list. It doesnt stop with that; a lot more add-on modules were developed to help clients add value to their site. Rayzz .es with the advanced templating engine that enables even the most novice users to customize their site. In addition, affordable templates that are .patible with Rayzz are also available so that users can give a desired look to their site in a few minutes. From the day of launch, we have constantly updated Rayzz according to the feedbacks and .ments from our clients and released many versions. The latest released version is 2.3.9. The extending service of Agriya even after sales, technical & sales support and quality of product are considered as the main reason for reaching this sales peak within three years in the tough .petitive world. One of our satisfied clients, Zak Johnson (Swat.tv) given an expression of esteem for Rayzz – The script was awesome! Its been live for 1 month… No Major problems so I am rolling it out to my database now! Fingers Crossed! The guys over at Agriya are fantastic! They were helpful and still keep in touch to make sure its all going well, Fantastic Product and Fantastic Service! Thanks Guys! PS I will be back to buy some more things soon! Be the 1501th buyer to build your own video sharing site. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: