2016 heroes will shake off the end of the land of the land of the glorious memories 8l9840

2016 heroes will shake off the end of the land of the land of the glorious memories of the October 5th afternoon, with the hero will be the most popular T3 challenge of the end of the race, in 2016 the Alashan hero will officially fall. In the past few days, the most cross-country spirit heroes shuttle, in the desert, singing in the camp Rihan in the game. At this moment, the 2016 Alashan heroes will be a wonderful episode in the minds of each participant still can not forget. This year, the Alashan heroes will be based on the previous ten, regardless of the number of participants and activities in the form of a qualitative innovation and breakthroughs. FB.SHOW dream show, dream of International Aviation Conference, Tengger International Music Festival, the legend of heroes, Robbie Gordon Asia peak finals SST super truck race track and a series of wonderful activities have been staged, as you love cross-country heroes offer another incomparable audio-visual feast. The international music festival scene dream International Aviation Conference from last year, Futian extension of land are in Alashan hero scene stationed, to provide the necessary extension of land and Savannah owners who help at the same time, it also brings the user care Futian extension of land are the most sincere, and get a positive affirmation of each party owners. This year, Fukuda Billiton land on the basis of last year, but also brought a richer experience. Let every extension of land are the owners in Savannah and exclaim, and feel the care and greetings from Futian to the extension of land are the owners of the most sincere. The largest Hot pot in the desert; tent pride drink five star hotel in the desert; a luxury luncheon and reward; for Savannah and extension of land are the owners tailored professional grade desert off-road driving training…… Fukuda Billiton Lu wonderful activities, once again proved to the parties, providing real user care is the most fundamental concept of Fukuda Billiton land.     desert driving training professional, invite domestic and cross-country, chief technology circle chiefs of the owners to provide guidance and modification of expert level driving training for the extension of land and savannah.     the activities across the desert, Savannah Futian SUV the most eye-catching performance. Steep slope, deep, sandy… A breathtaking crossing, to Savannah SUV withstood the test. According to reports, non bearing body design Savannah SUV uses, beyond the same level of medium long wheelbase SUV. The standard 265 65R17 tire tread flat, high ratio of 65%, in the process of making the owners through, driving more stable. As everyone knows, is necessary to configure the sand driving four-wheel drive. In addition to Savannah four-wheel drive, also provides electronically controlled clutch central differential real-time system based on. With models also optional LSD rear limited slip differential, this configuration is in the vehicle in the car, an important factor to smooth out the. It is with these unique skills, strict testing to make weather the Savannah SUV across the desert. In addition, the chassis suspension with double wishbone independent front suspension and five link independent rear suspension design, the chassis can wear that driving comfort can reduce tire;相关的主题文章: