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Business Air Freight Forwarding is all about shipping of cargo from one country to another. This kind of service is rendered by Air Freight Forwarding Companies and is specifically required by business organizations that are involved in import and export of goods. There are several Freight Forwarding Companies in Nigeria providing specialized services to varied industrialists. Such Air Freight Companies have a team of Air Freight Forwarders who are accountable for the safe and timely delivery of the freight at the specified destination. The Important Role Of Air Freight Forwarders: The Air Freight Forwarders look after several processes that involve Collection of Goods, Surface Access, Sorting and Consolidation. For providing efficient Air Freight Service, the Air Freight Forwarders ensure that all the steps such as labeling, documentation, invoicing, inventory management, etc. are efficiently performed. Top Air Freight Forwarders proficiently handle Export/Import Customs Clearance and Security Clearance. The clearance processes are meant to ensure that the goods are suitable for the purpose of air freight transport. The process of Customs Clearance is carried out prior to the time the goods reach the airport at the desired warehouse. Air Freight Forwarders are also expert in ground handling of cargo or freight. The process involves collecting the goods, and transporting them to the airport with the help of means of surface access. Lastly, Air Freight Forwarders make sure that the procedures such as Transshipment, Route Network and International Trucking are seamlessly handled on time. To sum up, with the help of Air Freight Forwarders it is possible to distribute the goods to the desired locations in the world. Their role in International Air Freight Forwarding is simply indispensable. And because of their paramount importance in safe handling of the freight, it is a must that adequate research work is done to find the best Air Freight Forwarders. There are several reputed Air Freight Shipping Companies in Nigeria and to find the one that can meet the specific freight forwarding requirements, according to the generally accepted norms is a task that requires intense research. Fortune Global Shipping & Logistics Limited, a Nigerian company, is the name to trust in if you are looking for efficient Air Freight Forwarders. It has offices in a number of West African countries. The major services offered by the company comprise Air Freight Services, Oil and Gas Logistics Services , Export/Import Custom Clearance Services, etc. The company is known for delivering efficient and well-timed services. In order to get detailed information regarding the services of Fortune Global Shipping & Logistics Limited, log on to About the Author: , air freight services, intra logistics and transportation, warehousing, oil and gas logistics services etc. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: