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Mobile-Cell-Phone The use of mobile applications in enterprises, irrespective of their size & type, has risen significantly over the past two years. Devising a proper mobile strategy is no longer a luxury for enterprises worldwide. An enterprise has to choose the right app development platform so that the mobile applications deployed may perform their functions successfully. Market analysts conducting surveys to choose the best operating system for enterprise app development, have declared iOS as the favorite OS platform among both software designers & app users. With Android following shortly behind, the ratio of app developers using iOS & Android stands at 53 percent : 37 percent. There are several reasons responsible for making the iOS platform the most popular in the entertainment app development industry. Some of them are: 1. Closed Platform Since iOS is a closed platform, no fragmentation issues have been notified by the users. Ever since the launch of the first version of iPhone, Apple has maintained its stringent policies with relation to the type of apps that will be run on the platform. For instance, third parties are allowed to create apps for the iOS platform, but the sole right to declare the apps suitable to be put up at the App Store lies with the editorial team of Apple. Giving rights of mobile app development to third party designers ensures complete exploitation of the needs & expectations of the target audience and deploying of unique app ideas. On the other hand, approval of Apple experts before running the mobile apps of Apple devices means less breach of security. 2. The Most Secure Platform The data protection & encryption features for the iOS operating system is clearly outlined by Apple. The built in security of the iOS platform makes it the safest mobile computing platform. The IT security norms of Apple underlines a strict submission process, proper code signing procedure, and the sandboxing feature which protects software against virus & other malware. In fact, the new Apple iOS security guidelines state the authorities that have control over stating which apps will be allowed to run on the iOS operating system. The executable codes have to be approved by Apple issued certificates; this includes the codes for third party applications too. This helps in the prevention of third parties using self modifying codes and loading unsigned code resources. Also, the built in mobile apps running on the iOS platform use the ASLR (address space layout randomization) feature which assures the randomizing of all system shared library locations during the device startup. With the ASLR support, compiling of the Xcode & third party programs become easy while developers can also prevent the occurrence of memory corruption bugs. 3. Additional Features What makes iOS the chosen operating system among most developers worldwide is the added features on the latest iOS mobile apps. They can be used for multiple purposes like updating of licenses & renewal of car taxes. These unique functionalities served by the iOS apps have made them hugely popular with both developers & users. Apples iOS platform is constantly evolving to include new features that will meet the demands of users from every department of an enterprise & individual consumers of the mobile market. This makes the iOS platform the dominant player in the world of enterprise app development. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: