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Business When it comes to top quality telecommunications in Punjab and the National Capital Region, there is none to beat the services provided by Connect. We are reputedly one of the fastest growing broadband service providers in Punjab covering all the major cities of the state and aiming to cover the whole state in the near future. Connect, the best internet connection in Punjab is the telecommunications wing of Quadrant Televentures Limited. We provide high speed internet and wireless broadband connections to help you stay connected both for home users and business firms. Why Connect as the wireless broadband connections? Connectzone offers broadband plans in India with a wide range of services that are the best in the market today. We also have public call services. Our services include connect broadband plans, internet broadband plans, 3G plans, local and STD call services and even ISD calls that cover the US and Canada sector. Connect, the best internet connection in Punjab, offers some of the best services in the country in telecommunications. Our priority is to help you stay connected through state-of-the-art facilities. Best Internet Connection In Punjab – Learn the Difference Unlike other telecommunication service providers, Connects customers would vouch that we keep to our word. Our technicians are at your services 24 hours of the day with a customer care service that provides both online and tele-care services. In addition to this, our outlets throughout the state are equipped with high quality products to provide you with all communication solutions under a single roof. With us quality does not mean lack of affordability. We give you cheap high speed internet with a multitude of other facilities which also inclines the best antivirus in India to keep your system safe and secure. The Ideal Partner For Business Houses The internet and broadband business package and the internet broadband plans offered by us is one of the best in the country. Connect offers services like teleconference, video conference, conference call India and audio conference called connect tele-meet in the same building as well as across different cities of the state. These facilities would help you to stay connected with up to 30 participants simultaneously across different locations. The video conferencing India plan gives you an option of easy access with personalized features like volume control and mute facility. To keep your lines secure and confidential each new connection is given a unique ID. The connection is processed only if this ID is dialled, thereby providing you safe access. The Home Plan and Customized Internet Broadband Plans Connect is ideal for home connections too. Our internet broadband plans can be customized to suit your special needs. We offer local call facility and STD service to every part of Punjab The tariff for STD is just 99p per minute, one of the cheapest rates in the region . You can even stay connected with your loved ones in US and Canada for just Rs. 3 per minute. Just a phone call to our customer care i.e 0172-5050505 and all that you wish to know about your bill payment would be given to you. For more information, visit Follow us on social medias : /connectpunjab /connectpunjab About the Author: 相关的主题文章: