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Home-Based-Business There are plenty of tips for keeping your outdoor teak furniture clean, but what about your indoor teak furniture? Do you have a cleaning plan? While it is durable and will put up with years of use and abuse, putting it through the proper spring-cleaning plan will help it continue to hold it’s beauty for years to come. Many people who have teak furniture in their homes purchased it because they believed they could have very beautiful furniture that didn’t need a lot of baby-sitting. Unlike other tables that need regular oiling, cleaning and care, you can literally leave teak furniture for months, or even years, and it will remain as strong as it was when you first got it. This may have you thinking there is no reason for putting your teak furniture through a spring-cleaning regimen. After all, if teak will stand up to the elements for centuries, why would it not hold up to being in your home for all that time? The truth is, it will. You could well ignore your teak furniture and let it hold up on it’s own for all the years you keep it around, but you also may notice that over time, the teak wood, left to it’s own devices, will change it’s appearance a bit. Indoor selections will darken over the years. While it may start as an orange-brown wood, it will change to a dark brown shade. If you want to stop this change, and keep your teak furniture looking as it did since the day you brought it home, you will have to give it an annual cleaning and oiling. Cleaning The first thing you need to do is thoroughly clean your teak furniture. While you may dust your indoor teak furniture off regularly, that doesn’t mean dust, dirt and other debris hasn’t made its way into the spaces in the wood. This is especially important if your what you have includes tables where meals are eaten. Small crumbs of food can work their way into the spaces between pieces of wood that were used to make up the table. Those food particles will break down over time and may well cause damage to your wood. The removal of dust and debris in from your furnishings should begin with a wiping down of the furniture with warm soapy water. Then look for particles that may have gotten caught in between pieces of wood and remove those particles. Once it is clean, allow it to dry completely. Now you can decide if you want to allow your indoor teak furniture to change colors or maintain that orange-brown shade it came with. The way you can maintain your original color is to re-oil it after the cleaning. Teak wood has a high level of natural oils, but by adding a new layer after you have cleaned and dried your it, you will offer a little extra support, keeping it looking new for years to come. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: