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Self-Improvement Its a psychological warfare out there. Everyday, we are influenced by different things. Most of the time, we dont even realize that various psychological persuasion techniques are being imposed upon us. Dont believe me? Then, why dont we go through your day today? Ill show you just how different psychological persuasion techniques have been used on you! Psychological Persuasion Technique # 1: Persuading Your Morals We all have a concept of right and wrong. While charity organizations are usually the ones to make use of this technique, ordinary people (like your office mates) will appeal to your morals in time of desperation as well. For example, if someone asks to borrow money from you, would you be able to say no at once? If its a bum lying on the sidewalk, youll probably be able to sidestep having to make a decision. But if its Larry, your co-worker, whom you know has just lost his apartment to a fire, would you be able to ignore his request? Probably not. This doesnt mean that you should lie or make stories up to appeal to a persons morals. Oftentimes, your reason should be enough to convince others. Psychological Persuasion Technique # 2: Keeping Up With The Jones Who are the Jones? Well, they could be anyone from your actual neighbors to someone at work. This method involves inspiring envy among people. The best advertising managers know how to take advantage of a persons need to be one of the gang or to be accepted. Lets take a look at that Hermes bag the ladies are carrying around? What is so special about it that people all over the world are clamoring for it left and right? Sure, it has its appeal and sure it does look sturdy, but other bags out there have the same characteristics too, dont they? Easy. The answer is because the brand has successfully made itself THE bag to have. Its the must-have of all must-haves. People who own this bag will be deemed superior to others. Its not so much the physical that makes this bag great, but rather the power it lends to people. To have such a bag is to be part of an elite circle. And who wouldnt want to be one of the Jones? Psychological Persuasion Technique # 3: The All New And All Powerful Lets go back to your breakfast this morning. What did you have? Cereal? What convinced you to buy that particular brand? The answer probably lies in the way the product has been advertised and marketed. All new? More filling? Packed with calcium? Loaded with chocolatey goodness? What do these words really mean? Pretty much all of these words have been recycled over and over again. Despite being overused, they still work. People, in general, cannot get enough of all new products. Even if only the packaging has changed, people will still feel drawn to those products with promising words stamped on them. Psychological persuasion techniques, before you misunderstand, can be used either ethically or unethically. 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