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Xiqiao · south of the Five Ridges text brigade SYPC: Fair opening soon! Xiqiao mountain is the classic landscape of South of the Five Ridges, Pearl River Delta is the most beautiful temptation. If the South China Sea is the root of Guangdong, Xiqiao mountain is the soul of the South China sea. The story of the South China Sea shook the world. It is the Hon Chiao Shan in south of the Five Ridges, but also in the world. In 1516, created by the Academy in Xiqiao Fang Xian – Shi Quan Shan and Huo Tao foundation, zhanreshui science people in Xiqiao mountain were created college, open lectures, the achievements of the Xiqiao mountain in the history of the most prosperous and the most influential one hundred years. The famous Ming Dynasty scholar said: "Xiqiao Hazan, the world of Xiqiao, Xiqiao of South of the Five Ridges of all future generations, non Xiqiao." 500 years later, today, Xiqiao, Foshan, the capital of the south of the Five Ridges Tourism Investment Fair will be held on November 17-18 days in Guangdong, South China Sea, Xiqiao, mount! From the domestic text brigade industry gathered a large coffee in Xiqiao mountain, they will bring a feast to the summit? Reporters first barracks, for you to solve this text brigade summit veil, you want to know here! First, the domestic culture travel industry gathered a large coffee 2016 Xiqiao mountain – South of the Five Ridges Culture & Tourism Investment Fair will be held November 17th -18 in Nanhai District of Foshan City, Xiqiao mountain Guoyi Hotel held. As currently the only in south of the Five Ridges culture as the theme of the cultural tourism investment fair, then, from the domestic capital, operation, IP, services, channels, such as supporting the tourism industry chain known about 200 enterprises, and industry associations, research institutions, Hong Kong and Macau and Foshan five tourism on behalf of a total of 350 guests will be a gathering of many people, five in Foshan over 20 high quality text brigade project will be the collective debut "zhaoqing". This is the cultural connotation of Xiqiao mountain, the regional value, the significance of the times in the eyes of the global attention of a gorgeous show, but also to explore the text of the tourism industry to upgrade the transformation of a feast of thought! This fair guide unit of the Guangdong Provincial Tourism Bureau, the organizer is Nanhai District of Foshan City People’s government, the Foshan Municipal Bureau of tourism. 2016 percent of the South China Sea Dragon Boat Races Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament will be during the fair in the South China Sea Xiqiao lake for listening! The participating enterprises and institutions part of the lineup (in alphabetical order) OCT Group, Guangdong Chuanlord group, south of the Five Ridges group, Greenland Group, Ruian group, rotol Zhicheng, Songcheng performing arts, Beijing Lvweichuangjing group, Shenzhen Huatang Village Town Industry Investment Management Ltd., Guangzhou laford cultural Polytron Technologies Inc, Shenzhen poly orange network, the height of Beijing Cultural Industry Investment Co. Ltd., pearl film group, Asia Creative Business Association (Mingei Street), Guangzhou days group, AECOM group, China comprehensive development center, tourism and Real Estate Research Institute of Zhongshan University south of the Five Ridges Culture Research Institute, Zhongshan University School of tourism and new space (China) Design Institute, tourism planning, Chinese club operators on both sides of Taiwan International Outdoor Industry Association, starting to travel network such as a public domestic well-known enterprises and the association of text Brigade Organization, province, Hong Kong and Macao tourism industry representatives, the Foshan city tourism representative part of the speaker lineup (in alphabetical order): Zhongshan University, south of the Five Ridges Institute of culture Wen Chunlai, executive dean of the world’s top 500 global consulting group AECOM group Paul)相关的主题文章: