Officialdom eavesdropping there are people called for the promotion of the central response 步步高i606

Official overheard: someone called promotion in response to the central call installed eavesdropping equipment tracking colleagues in the officialdom is extremely rare, but it is not the case. Recently, the Shantou Municipal Public Security Bureau Secretary Zheng Shaoxin "GPS tracking party secretary bus" case, and new progress. Guangdong province Shantou city Haojiang District People’s court re sentenced Zheng Shaoxin guilty of bribery, illegal use of wiretapping equipment crime, sentenced to imprisonment for 3 years and 6 months, and fined twenty thousand yuan. The case in December last year, the first instance, the court also to the same charges and bribery, illegal use of special equipment for the crime of theft, sentenced Zheng Shaoxin to 6 years in prison and fined $twenty thousand. This sentence from a retrial, the trial of 6 years to 3 years and 6 months, Zheng Shaoxin still said the verdict, and appeal again. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that similar to Zheng Shaoxin’s approach, installed eavesdropping equipment tracking colleagues in the officialdom is extremely rare, but it is not the case. GPS tracking party secretary Zheng Shaoxin incident was born two years ago. The court found that in March 2014, Zheng Shaoxin borrow to others GPS equipment, and install the TOYOTA Highlander car chassis when he was in Shantou city Chaoyang district Party committee secretary Chen Xinzao on the use of the implementation of locating and tracking. At noon on April 19, 2014, according to Zheng Shaoxin GPS, the official car parked in front of the Tao Xuan wine, ordered the driver drove to the camera, using mobile phone to the Secretary and staff leave the restaurant counterparts and video. Zheng Shaoxin shot the video shots in May of that year, Zheng Shaoxin himself writing a "Chen Xinzao violate the provisions of the central eight exceed the standard use of official vehicles, access to high-end restaurants and the content of the material, and the relevant video shots to the driver, it refers to the web. After the publication of the relevant materials, causing widespread public concern. However, local officials then responded that Chen Xinzao not to high places, and only spent 600 yuan, but also non public funds; exceed the standard cars car Secretary failure, so the temporary deployment by the district office. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted, "reported the storm occurred, Chen Xinzao continue to serve as party secretary of Chaoyang, July of this year he was appointed Deputy Secretary of Shantou municipal committee. Zheng Shaoxin in the 4 months after the incident because the alleged illegal use of wiretapping equipment jingfangxingju, then arrested. In its judgment the court found that Zheng Shaoxin’s behavior not only seriously damaged the image of Chaoyang district government, the adverse social impact, seriously disturbed the normal life and work, to the District of Chaoyang economic development indirectly caused economic losses. According to the "Southern Weekend" reported that Zheng Shaoxin had confessed, installed GPS tracking, there are personal aspects which can be, is not the main reason. He insisted that "up to a head. I am responding to the central call". County Party Secretary for the promotion of eavesdropping, according to Xinhua reports, in 2012, Hunan County, Mayang, local officials have taken place against the county Party Secretary of the case of eavesdropping theft. Then in February 7相关的主题文章: