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The media survey of Beijing South Railway Station shops chaos: annual rent of hundreds of millions of original title: Beijing South Railway Station waiting room: the waiting space, shops investigation involving layers of sublease, the annual rent of hundreds of millions in the social network platform to search "Beijing South Railway Station" and it is easy to find such words: crowded, no seat, excessive commercialization. In fact, in the beginning of establishment, the South has said outside a total of 5000 seats, which can accommodate tens of thousands of passengers waiting at the same time. But in the past three or four years, all kinds of shops have basic necessities of life from the station to the station outside the "invasion" of the heart. In July this year, a brand of car even into the waiting area, in a crowded shops and waiting passengers run from the show. No seats for passengers, can only stand, squat, or sit in the shops nearby, some netizens joked: "next to the Beijing South Railway Station, remember a small bench ahead of time." Squad number 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37) recently found that the passenger waiting space compression is closely related with business management confusion existing station. In the unified planning, unified layout, the views of the development of the right to operate the layers of agency. With the increased traffic, shops rent has soared, but some shops can enter station 6, a proxy company said, "these shops are railway self, in order to solve the family development work station". "On August 11th, the passengers luggage is pulled through the Beijing South Railway Station station near the mouth of the shops, visitors to reflect too many shops occupy the waiting space. Beijing News reporter Peng Ziyang photo "labyrinth" two floor of hall 25 wicket, open up a commercial street, shops occupy the waiting space of Beijing South Railway Station hall is located on the ground floor two, covers an area of 35 thousand square meters, there are 23 things on both sides of the wicket, relative to 22. For example, the 1 wicket is at No. 1 on the west side of the wicket, between two wicket distance of about 50 meters. However, in the straight line distance of 50 meters to the waiting room station seems to open a commercial street. Sell coffee, selling clothes, selling souvenirs, if passengers from No. 1 to No. 23 wicket wicket, in less than 1 km distance, it will be 32 large and small shops. "These shops make the waiting room crowded." A station cleaners said, two years ago, the ticket area did not so much into the shops, now a peak passenger flow, waiting passengers will be crowded in tens of meters outside the security entrance. So there is a national standard for passenger waiting resources and the ratio of commercial resources? President Yang Tao of Nanjing city planning and Design Institute of transportation told homicide detective No. 37, in the current national standard and experience no mandatory unified change, "each city, city station vary widely, volume, attraction is not the same, the flow, track number, number of stations are not the same. There must be a unified standard is very difficult." But clearly stipulated in China’s "railway passenger station building design specifications", general waiting room, the use of each area should not be less than 1.1 square meters. Obviously the South Station in the daily passenger flow peak, Hou Jian相关的主题文章: