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Suning iPhone club with apple to grab business: to win the double 11 and three-dimensional electric Sohu technology double 11 war was officially opened, the electricity supplier industry is already smoke. Unlike previous years, this year did not appear warlords melee situation, but Ali and Suning Jingdong -1 shop duo duel. Has been in the home appliance and 3C class has the advantage of Suning in the beginning of the eleven double a small action: the introduction of iPhone club membership services. Simply, this is a lower threshold of Apple Care+ service, I am a fruit powder (also G powder), before encountered many apple customer service of the pit, the service is still very interested in the. More importantly, I think it has strong implications for the electricity supplier industry. Suning club members how to encircle powder? IPhone club members include three main services, one is accidentally broken screen free replacement service, warranty period of one year; two is the home warranty service, Suning provides an Apple authorized service provider to the warranty, and is completely free of charge; three is the half price for the new service, in the period from 7 to 13 months after the purchase the replacement, the next generation of iPhone can also offset the general price. IPhone club membership fee price of 499 yuan, about half of the official AppleCare+ annual fee of $988. In addition to cheaper than Apple’s official, iPhone Club contains more services. It supports home repair and Apple just phone support, to the store to queue. Apple Care+ is not completely free, the replacement of the screen need to charge a service fee of 188 yuan, any other damage repair charges $628, Suning iPhone club members for the screen and planned maintenance are completely free. The following year and half price for the new service than apple or third party recovery price to many kind, in so doing, the fruit powder, this is only the cost of customer service maintenance services. As everyone knows, if you do not buy Apple Care+ this service, iPhone accidentally damaged or broken screen and not within the scope of the warranty, the price is very expensive, in fact, before the CCTV and other media have great concern over the apple customer service, after Apple has improved its customer service service, including the launch of the Care+ is similar to Apple this kind of service, one evaluation is proud Apple finally bow". However, now the apple customer service is still very expensive, Apple Care+ is not cheap, Su Ningzheng is aimed at the powder pain point to launch this service. Also, many fruit powder users in the operator channel or third party retailers to buy iPhone to buy Apple Care+ must go to the store experience through mobile phone repair to buy, the threshold is high. Suning is apple important third party retailers, iPhone is Suning sales of star products, so Suning launched the "iPhone club" is eliminated to Suning iPhone users to buy the menace from the rear. Mobile phone is 11 of the military a hotly contested spot, and iPhon相关的主题文章: