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The kitchen air conditioning cold   "intimate" flawed products where? — home — original title: where is the kitchen air conditioning cold "intimate" products? When you enjoy the delicious conditioning sighed, whether you had thought of sweating in the hot kitchen "Chef"? In addition to the kitchen with hot oven, and choking fumes in the wanton diffuse. The kitchen air conditioning was originally a rather intimate home appliance products, should be widely popular, and yet the dishwasher is exactly the same, have praised embarrassment, the cold mishap in the end what? The first is the kitchen air conditioning technique is not hard, especially in solving the oil fume adsorption, is still far from perfect state. After all of stains in the kitchen is quite strenuous, who also want to clean the kitchen air conditioning filter? It will be much more troublesome than the air conditioning filter cleaning, consumers have concerns is inevitable. With a hefty installation of kitchen air conditioning, as well as the flexible use of mobile air conditioning or air conditioning fan, cooling fan. Consumers have always been from the practical point of departure, which naturally understandable. The kitchen air conditioning worth the same some ridiculously expensive, is only a "kitchen" the specific use, the price will have some "noble" people "too high to be reached". This also makes the consumer in between buying and not buying bold chose the latter, and most willing to endure the hot kitchen. Subject to seasonal specific factors, the corresponding price of kitchen air conditioning will play a lot of discount. Many people do not know the kitchen air conditioning, a seemingly small appliance, but its market potential is still quite large, but manufacturers and merchants invariably chose the "low-key" treatment. On the whole, in the kitchen air conditioning deep Houzhi manufacturers are not many, because walking is little, the kitchen air conditioning chain retailers are also less and less, so that consumers almost hard to find its trace. Under the premise of the pursuit of profit, the kitchen air conditioning naturally freeze. (commissioning editor Bi Lei and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: