Hefei high prices push back the small apartment sold 1 million 200 thousand couples back home to buy 霍金hawking

Hefei high prices push back the small apartment sold 1 million 200 thousand couples back home to buy a house and car according to Hefei online news 2016 a Hefei prices break stride forward singing militant songs, many families just need to buy some dreams, deviate from the main city, some directly abandoned the city to return home. During the national day, a pair of 80 couples in North Qianshan, sold the apartment back home in the city of Tongling where to buy a house to settle down. Hefei 72 Ping apartment sold 1 million 200 thousand, back home can buy a flat of 100 square plus a car." Hefei prices led many national holiday purchase policy overnight issued according to the 70 large and medium city housing sales price statistics released by the National Bureau of statistics show that since March this year, Hefei, Xiamen new housing price index repeatedly turns led, more than Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen in one fell swoop. Data show that in 2016 September, Hefei nine district housing transaction price of 13150 yuan, up 7.49%, which is the Hefei property market for the first time in 13 thousand months the average price level. From a single real estate, the current Hefei is the most expensive real estate area of a garden house, the average price of 35005 yuan per square meter. Because prices rose too fast, the second day National Day holiday this year, the Hefei municipal government issued the night market regulation policy in the city (including four counties and one city) the scope of the implementation of the purchase, the city residence households have to suspend 2 or more housing units and the sale of new commodity housing, and the first suite Shoufu ratio adjustment 30%. And the price of four dragons in Xiamen, Nanjing, Suzhou, compared to the purchase of the property market in Hefei, a little late". High prices have made many working-class looking room sigh, just a dream was broken. Under pressure, some choose to deviate from the main city, Feixi city and Feidong, home of Changfeng County; some choose to flee Hefei, back to the home city to buy a house. 80 couples a family of five dwelling apartment in Hefei "can’t afford" real money back home in Zongyang, married in 2013, in Hefei Qianshan road mortgage a 72 flat apartment house, set in the actual living area of only 56 square, but the couple living together can. At the beginning of last year, money has a child, the parents from the countryside to take over the children, a family of five living together, "the house is too small, baby toys are no place, from the end of last year to think of the existing house, a bigger house, which know the prices continued to rise to change, can not afford." With the city’s real breakthrough "million" prefix, a target to Feixi, and the value of the real estate is located in the bustling Avenue, "9500 yuan a square, you need to find someone from are eligible to buy." A multi was removed, and did not find the so-called "right-hand man" to help in persuading his wife and parents, give up money in Hefei wards, decided to return home to sell. In September this year, through the intermediary of foreign money sale apartment, because in the subway, 72 flat apartment hardcover sold 1 million 200 thousand. During the national day, money and his wife returned to his hometown of Zongyang city Tongling house prices, five or six thousand.相关的主题文章: