Dongyu Zhou in July and she was praised as acting aggressively pp点点通2006

"In July and she hit" Dongyu Zhou is like "acting as" entertainment Tencent starring Dongyu Zhou Anne. The movie "in July and still" national film is. Dongyu Zhou topped their previous screen image, as madness and warm in the movie small town girl Li Ansheng. Smooth and easy performance, not only won the recognition of professional media people, but also to get the circle of senior recognition. After viewing many viewers commented, "the actor 90, Dongyu Zhou is sure to return to acting". Dongyu Zhou breaks through the traditional screen image is like acting as 90 "whether the previous works of Dongyu Zhou, and she had the role of the expression, to the audience left is always gentle and pure lady image. The breakthrough her own past screen image, as madness and warm small town girl Li Ansheng in the movie "in July and she", marginalized characters a baby under the pen of Anne. Because of its contrast with the role of the larger, at the beginning of the time, the director has hesitated whether to let Dongyu Zhou starred in her insistence, and finally showed a surprise Li Ansheng. This role she let Dongyu Zhou played a total of his acting, she put Li Ansheng in the interpretation of the original has been wandering more vivid, the town unique interpretation of the most incisive adolescent youth, in the details of the deal also gives the audience a lot of surprises, young but have strong skill. After viewing many viewers commented, "the actor 90, Dongyu Zhou is sure to return to acting". Dongyu Zhou is familiar with the circle by acting senior recognized Dongyu Zhou as the quiet relaxation, even some free, without any burden, have a ready pen, let everyone marveled at her aura and talent. As a 90 actor, she is familiar with the acting is obtained within the circle of superiors. The famous actor Lei Hao after viewing, at the micro-blog praised the performances of Dongyu Zhou’s "amazing! The little girl is fully aware of what is going on in the show, very comfortable, enjoy the life in the movie ", also after viewing predecessor Song Jia commented" Dongyu Zhou fresh sharp". Dongyu Zhou’s performance was not only recognized by the predecessors, but also received a lot of support circle of friends. Huang Bo, Huang Xiaoming, Tong Dawei, Gao Yuanyuan, Ma Su, Ma Li, Shen Teng, director Hao Ning, director of books, Joe Chen, Angelababy, Chen He, Li Yifeng, Zhang Li, Ni Ni, Zhao Liying, Kenji Wu, Aarif Lee, Yin, Shawn Yue, Dong Zijian, Zhang Yishan, Zhang Yun, Sun Jian, if Wei Daxun, Re Yizha, Xi Mengyao, Kan Qingzi, Wang Yanyang, Wu You, Chuinan hole and many other friends have forwarded behind, Mirs, Babel is playing for Dongyu Zhou cosplay, in the poster of God to restore the appearance.相关的主题文章: