Too great pleasure will bring about sadness! Peter Ho married soon dislocated finger guests can not

Too great pleasure will bring about sadness! Peter Ho married soon a dislocated finger original title: guests can not shake hands before the wedding guests don’t look a dislocated finger: Peter Ho and I shook Peter Ho ice bag of Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported Peter Ho [micro-blog] with 9 years wife Peggy, the wedding will be held tomorrow in Taipei, officially announced the farewell single, but on the wedding day before Peter Ho’s first play lead to dislocation thumb valgus, but that does not affect the wedding tomorrow. Peter Ho said that while the gap went to play to relax, did not expect the first quarter had dislocated thumb, and even turn back 45 degrees, let him worry whether the hospital, did not expect a brother came and said to come back to the thumb, so he reluctantly go back with his left hand pulling teeth, the ringing loud the sound frightened brother, then know he just went to the doctor to come back, but not yourself, but come home after his wife rushed to the production of ice ice, he immediately said "wife spoiled in good hurry". For tomorrow’s upcoming wedding, he also announced his injury in the body, I hope everyone don’t shake hands with him, the fans have a message about, even said "even funny injury can put flash seems nothing serious". More exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: