Hot deformation meter ending tonight Marco Di Ali Gerba sweet sugar (video). 捷安特xtc750

"Hot deformation meter" ending tonight Marco Di Ali Gerba sweet sugar pet spicy deformeter _41 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "hot deformation meter" Tencent is Hunan TV entertainment news and video Tencent hit TV series "hot deformation meter" to the self ratings, repeatedly won the top 3, all network broadcast nearly 7 billion of the total, the real-time data are still rising in. Tonight (September 4th), "hot deformation meter" ushered in the season ending night finale, shocking the upcoming. As between the fire shield and rock ultimate security further intensified, how to coerce the fire all aegis will break through the predicament, all the answers are in wonderful tonight. The company has long been looking forward to the audience and fans in the end opened at the same time, feelings of dismay: "good bear shows between the lines and the fire shield didi Wei couple buddy, don’t want to say goodbye." The new drama, drama bright (Liu Chanshi) for Miss go off small (Di Ali Gerba) and Liang Dawei (mark ornaments) and Wu Fei (Jiang Mingyang) suspected traitor, with bright life drama (Bing Shao) Wu Fei Xiong Kuohai threatened to report that resentment. In the confrontation between the two sides of the occasion, and the ultimate BOSS Hassan carrying troops to melee between Xiong Kuohai to rescue Wu Fei, and was seriously injured. In the exposure of the stills, chest shot Xiong Kuohai, was sitting in the weak semi reliance, by Guan Xiaodi Liang Dawei and helped, in the face of loved ones make the danger, "playfully BOY" Liang Dawei’s eyes filled with anger, a war in the end if it is determined to clear. Earlier, Liang Dawei was due to the small close attachments and silent guard and was praised as "armor type guard men of God, the same sense of responsibility towards his family full behavior, is to win the goodwill of countless. The ultimate melee, Liang Dawei, Guan Xiaodi and other people can not successfully aegis fire broke out? The wounded Xiong Kuohai is able to survive this disaster? Fans have been waiting for a long time, sugar and sweet plot will appear? All the answers in the hot deformation meter "finale tonight". Produced by perfect world Limited by Share Ltd, perfect world Jiang’s studio exclusive original production, He Jing served as executive producer of the total publisher, producer Wu Yujiang, directed by Yuan Xiaoman, starring Wang Yang Di Ali Gerba, Marco, Bing Shao, Kou Zhenhai and Wang Yu, CO starring urban inspirational idol drama "hot blooded" deformeter tonight from Hunan TV Golden Eagle. Theater broadcast and video Tencent staged the ultimate battle, the city can harvest a hot blooded martial arts, please look forward to the wonderful ending!相关的主题文章: