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Yu Zheng suspected behind Jin Chen: wronged should say – Sohu entertainment Yu Zheng suspect behind Jin Chen     Sohu entertainment news recently, Jin Chen micro-blog issued a document angrily robbed role event netizens much attention. For this event, the people who eat melon differ each one sticks to his own viewpoint. In November 16th, once worked with Jin Chen screenwriter Yu Zheng through micro-blog voice, said the wronged should say, this is difficult, but we are not allowed to express? The suspect behind Jin Chen. The evening of November 16th, Yu Zheng sound through micro-blog, said: "I feel wronged by saying it, with what hold? My EQ is not high, in the world the more difficult, in addition to people also express the express? Don’t love kiss and tell people, others. This is a pure eat melon people see hot search had the feeling, do not know the two parties, not to stand in line. Well, the gossip finished, back to the big cross country work." Micro-blog exposure, users have a message, Yu Zheng suspected the bold speculation behind Jin Chen, robbed role and anger grievances. Jin Chen Zhang Tianai, a role for event review > > > Jin Chen suspected role was robbing Zhang Tianai issued a document called and you do not fight "recently," Wu, "announced the official start and the exposure of the stars of the poster, Yang Yang Lin, Zhang Tianai Wu Chun should Huanhuan, plays Lin Langtian, Wang Likun plays Ling Qing bamboo. Subsequently the netizen said: "it is announced before the crew Zhang Tianai Ling Qing bamboo, why should be replaced with?" "Wu move back" before the magistrate Zhang Tianai Ling Qing bamboo, and then there are a lot of hearsay or Jiang Shuying will be revealed that Jin Chen should have. Did not expect that now temporarily replacing Zhang Tianai should Huanhuan, and Wang Likun as Ling Qing bamboo, so users have expressed confusion, some netizens said: "don’t know who is the mistress of this drama, Wang Likun is arguably not supposed to give Zhang Tianai match!" , there are friends, said: "as if the TV drama should be changed to be a mistress? But I do not think Wang Likun will go to Zhang Tianai to do with, ah, do not know the film side, did not set a good official on the blind. But now it is located in Wu Chun Wang Likun Zhang Tian’ai before!" In November 14th, actor Jin Chen microblogging "science and society, non defence", micro-blog, attracted hot friends, have speculated whether this rumor and Jin Chen was about to grab Zhang Tian’ai angle. Jin Chen and fan clubs are administrative micro-blog message: "the gentleman and indisputable without behind. Zhang Tianai studio issued a statement: the contract is the female Zhang Tianai micro-blog studio screenshot November 15th at noon, Zhang Tianai studio issued a statement in response to the day before the "Wu," the drama actress color was suspected. The statement said: in 2016, when he signed a contract with the film side, the contract expressly provides for its role as a female. Denying the role of other female stars. The text of the statement: Recently, Zhang Tianai appeared on the network for "Wu move back" " rob role " a thing, a lot of false statements, and spread in many marketing, it is Zhang Tianai himself to discredit and malicious rumors, in the name of相关的主题文章: