Shenyang city environmental remediation special action started mine_清翼

Shenyang city environmental remediation special action to start the Shenyang daily news (Shenyang daily, Shenyang network reporter Yu Hai) September 28th, the reporter learned from the municipal government, to further consolidate the city management work, and constantly improve the infrastructure services, optimize the city development environment, to solve the existing problems in key areas of city management, now Shenyang comprehensive start the city environmental remediation special action, efforts to solve outstanding problems of city management, the establishment of long-term normal working mechanism, to create a clean, orderly, flat light, tree green car smooth city environment. "Our goal is to pass the concentrated rectification, further innovation mechanism, innovative methods of work, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses, make comprehensive management benefit people’s livelihood, let people share the benefits of governance, so that the people living in the city is more convenient, more comfortable, more beautiful. We will encourage enterprises and the public to participate in urban construction and management through various means, and truly realize the common management, co construction and sharing." Shenyang City Fine Management Leading Group Office of the relevant person in charge told reporters.相关的主题文章: