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China’s luxury goods prices in the world’s most plateau Title: luxury domestic and foreign spreads remain high in China as a luxury consumer, but still bear the world’s highest luxury prices. Not only is the high-end luxury goods in the domestic and foreign price gap, light luxury brand is as high as 40% of the price difference. Recently, DDT consulting released on the analysis of various countries of the world luxury price research shows that China is still the global luxury prices highest in the country, there are 23% luxury brands in the domestic 16%-25% price expensive than abroad. In this regard, industry analysis, which is mainly affected by the exchange rate as well as the impact of brand regionalization pricing strategy. However, with the increasingly transparent global luxury prices, the future of luxury groups must consider how to further narrow the price difference between regions, to achieve global price integration strategy. With the rapid development of the luxury price to conceal the spread in China, the price has been high in the world. According to the United States survey data show that the British luxury brand Burberry has become the biggest difference between China and Europe commodity prices of the brand, the price difference of up to 40%. Beijing Daily reporter learned that LV speedy 30 shopping bags in Chinese priced at about $1100, while in the UK only about $800, France is also only 820 dollars, even in the United States, only stayed below $1000, $300 and about the difference between Britain and france. A Balenciaga dress costs $1665 in China, but it costs only $1312 in the UK, about $350 cheaper than in china. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to high-end luxury there is a huge price in the domestic market, light luxury brand is showing amazing price difference. For example, Coach in the United States and China has been as high as 40% of the price, the same Coach brand package in the United States only about $1250 can be bought back to the domestic doubled. Although such as Chanel, Dior, Burbeey and other luxury brands from the beginning of last year in China have taken measures to cut prices, but still can not conceal his brand in the market price situation of high Chinese. Regional pricing strategy according to the cause of the domestic luxury prices of luxury brands is an artificially high price, tax and exchange rate and other factors, the price of luxury goods tax is the most common reason, but in the industry view, the luxury brand price is more a good market environment, the brand pricing leads to overestimation. Research data show that in 2014 the import China luxury is mainly imported goods levied a consumption tax, the tax rate of 30%, value-added tax of 17%, tariffs ranging from 4.4%-60%, comprehensive calculation, luxury tax rate of more than 50% of the basic entry. A luxury brand Chinese district official said, the domestic price of luxury tariff is only about 5%, but because of the luxury pricing base itself in a high level position, add layers of revenue and cost of sales, resulting in China luxury price than foreign countries still have a large gap. In addition, China’s unstable currency exchange rate also makes the price of luxury goods at home and abroad have a large gap. 80% of consumers purchased overseas.相关的主题文章: