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Wudu: National Day holiday spawned new opportunities – Gansu Channel – people.com.cn new this year is the 67 anniversary of the founding of the motherland, more and more businesses targeting the market, take the national day of the festive atmosphere, the development of its commercial value. Tourism, shopping, dining and a series of consumer activities, the festive and special holiday play as a fiery consumer holiday, so that the holiday has become more colorful. In the streets of Wudu City, everywhere can see businesses hang out portrait of return customers, preferential DaChouBin and other propaganda slogans. From the first three days before the national day, where the business promotion is heating up. Large supermarket launched the National Day promotional activities, shopping sweepstakes, including appliances, clothing and other commodities. In some shopping malls is played in full 200 yuan up by 30 yuan promotional signs. On the National Day holiday, there are also the major hotels, farmhouse. According to a person in charge of the hotel, as a result of the National Day golden week is a good choice for many couples choose to marry a good day, many customers began to book a wedding banquet, the hotel in October 1st, 2, there are wedding. In addition, in order to combine the holiday atmosphere, many hotels also plans to introduce new dishes. On the national day, there is also a farmhouse. Many farmers in Ledu before the national day, yaozhai Nanshan ditch surrounding the careful planning, actively preparing for the. Yao ditch ditch a farmhouse boss smiled and said: we are two days, ready for the National Day holiday specials." According to the boss estimated that the National Day holiday this seven days, the income will certainly be very good farmhouse. At the same time, the Tourism Bureau has learned that the National Day holiday is the peak of the tourism market in our region, the amount of tourists will be greatly increased. The use of National Day holiday to climb mountains, scenic spots, or to play around the countryside, are a good way of entertainment. In short, the ample time to give businesses a greater market interest, which makes the National Day holiday has become more diversified. (commissioning editor Gao Xiang and Zhou Wanting)相关的主题文章: