Iron Man 2 Howard · stark left a heritage for the future pork face

"Iron Man 2": Howard · stark for the future heritage of Jon · Favreau "Iron Man 2", 2010 258th fixed period, from the moment of "Iron Man 2", Toni · stark because of radiation, radioactive elements of the dying, when he was bored, began to look at the father the notes and videos: in this picture, the young Toni suddenly appeared in the back of the huge industrial park model, the father impatiently turned him away. Toni’s relationship with his father, and never felt his warmth. But at the end of the video, the father suddenly said to the camera, this is a gift for Toni. Toni’s father, Howard · Stark is limited by the times, his ideas can not become a reality, but he is convinced that his son will understand his dream. Toni realized his father hid the surprising secret in 1974 the stark Expo model, he also understand the father of his deep and strong love. In the later see light suddenly said to his father, Toni, you were dead 20 years, even with my class. Toni in accordance with the guidance of his father, to create a new element, iron man also ushered in an important upgrade. His father Howard · Stark is a technical genius, alluding to reality in the world of American legend Howard · Hughes (the story of reference to Martin · Scorsese’s film "the aviator", starring Leonardo). The story of "Iron Man 2" is not as good as it was before, but it’s a very exciting one.相关的主题文章: