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Shenzhen check 42 times a intermediary LaSalle bank involved Shoufu loan We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: raid 42 intermediary Shenzhen is still suspected of providing down payment loan platform each reporter jahun intern reporter Huang Bowen late on October 4th, Shenzhen issued eight deep market regulation". That time, the focus of the market more in the further improvement of differentiated housing credit policy. Because of the provisions of the purchase of the family name in the city has 1 sets of housing, the proportion of the loan down payment of not less than 70%." This is highly concerned by the parties. But today, many people did not think that the seventh "severely punish illegal behavior of the real estate market seemed to have momentum to catch up from behind. First in October 13th, Shenzhen city market and quality supervision and Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Shenzhen Market Supervision Committee), sent 12 inspection teams are located in 10 districts of Shenzhen in the sale of real estate 20 raids, and carry on handling the case. Yesterday (October 27th), and its composition of the 13 inspection teams on the 42 real estate agencies and related enterprises on the upstream and downstream conducted a surprise inspection. It is worth noting that the agency for the inspection of the real estate agency downstream, but also spread to the P2P platform, and the platform is still suspected of providing down payment loan products. Some analysts pointed out that the Internet before the financial sector regulatory environment is relatively loose, some business innovation lack of specification. This makes some of the funds through the platform to enter the market, such as P2P, boosting the price upward. It is standardized to help prevent the spread of mutual gold industry bubble to the real estate industry. Check the basic coverage of large intermediaries, according to the Shenzhen Market Regulatory Commission official WeChat bulletin, which is part of its October 13th launch of the real estate industry violations special rectification actions. The Shenzhen market supervision and law enforcement personnel committee consisting of 13 inspection groups raided the P2P real estate enterprise and its small loan and LaSalle gold, who engaged in the real estate finance business times, engaged in real estate brokerage services in the Central Plains, the chain of home, AP, Q housing network, United, Shun Yongan, China Merchants Property, and the new Central Committee, Edmond, 10000, U, real happiness dragon Qi 42 home real estate intermediary and its related upstream and downstream enterprises. Check the focus of the real estate intermediary is whether the intermediary in the process of the service without the presence of the owners commissioned the unauthorized release of housing information, publishing false listings, false information, illegal advertising, whether to hide the true housing transaction price, make the difference, whether express fees and charges, there is no reasonable fees, bundled fees, there are no leaks or improper use of customer information, there is no use of the terms of the contract format against the interests of consumers and other illegal acts, hinder the healthy development of the real estate market. Inspection found that the Central Plains real estate, Shun, commercial real estate site some stores can not provide the owners commissioned sales agreement on相关的主题文章: