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Do you believe it? Science and technology play foreign cars have to fight but China car – Sohu automobile Sohu [car] truth laboratory at the Beijing auto show in 2016, Dongfeng Fengshen exhibited a very high value. The new compact SUV – Dongfeng Fengshen AX5, but when the vehicle interior is not open, and today we will be the first time you announced Fengshen AX5 the interior, highlight its interior, focused on the screen in the control, not only is a dazzling function of science and technology, and each of the features are very practical, convenient operation, good user experience, a lot of a higher price to win foreign brands. Prior to my colleagues have done a detailed look at the interpretation of the article, please click on the last reading of the article. Open the AX5 door, Dongfeng Fengshen LOGO will be the bottom of the door lamp mapping to the ground, the car interior has a typical Dongfeng Fengshen SUV family style, soft and rigid fusion, soft smooth silhouettes of the whole contour and different partitions wrapped in silver trim, a founder of the masculine beauty. The central console all use a pure black interior, the console panel uses a large area of soft material, the door also includes a large area of soft materials, and through the suture treatment reflects a certain texture. The steering wheel using cortical suture package, feel good, multi function key comprehensive functions, including Bluetooth phone, multimedia control system, driving computer switching, cruise control and voice control system switch. This set of sound control system can control the main system menu, for example, navigation, radio, you can enter the corresponding menu, can also navigate to a destination call control voice call sb, voice recognition effect is better, a password after about 5 seconds will be waiting to enter the corresponding menu. The biggest highlight of the dashboard is equipped with a TFT equipped with 3.5 inch color driving computer display, driving computer font large, clear image, looked very comfortable, can show the tire pressure monitoring, maintenance mileage, cruising mileage, average fuel consumption, average speed and other information, in addition, if the car is black, you can turn off the car in the control panel, to avoid affecting the screen on the driver’s line of sight, and navigation indication can be revealed through the driving computer, black and white dial visual effect is very clear. 8 inch capacitive screen suspension design with UI interface design is very good, clear and quick menu interface, the function button at the lower part of the classification is also very obvious, detailed information on the main menu interface can be present at the same time, music radio, weather, touch screen and touch operation reaction are very good. The system function is very powerful, it can download a APP, close the doors and windows functions through the APP remote control, vehicle air conditioning, it is worth noting that it can accurately control the air volume and wind direction, which are rare in other models, in addition, it can also be navigation directly sent to the mobile phone, such as car can not through the road, can continue to navigate through the mobile phone issued, walk to. WindLink function can be achieved through WiFi or USB connection phone mapping function, and can be connected to 5相关的主题文章: