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Rooney accepted the bench Mourinho revealed himself angrily: different spray – Sohu sports Mourinho Rooney asked others to manage their mouth   on the weekend of the league, Rooney did not get the first, the Red Devils achieved a victory. This also confirmed Rooney Mourinho from the first determination to win, not only that, according to British media "the sun" news, Mourinho also warned Rooney not in the squad after questioning his teammates to play. According to the British media, "Daily Mirror" news, for our current situation, Rooney did not have any dissatisfaction, he will choose to leave, but to be able to complete his contract with the Red Devils with three years. Mourinho took over Manchester United in the summer, Rooney in pre-season play is good, but in the last few rounds of the league, the Manchester United captain play are lost to Mourinho should be Rooney from the first win, many fans support. On the weekend of the league, Manchester United against the defending champions Leicester City, Mourinho Rooney from the first win, and the Reds also played the momentum, with a 4-1 victory over the foxes. Rooney is taken from the first team, and has high light, seemingly chubby became the only problem ", and the naked score also let Rooney reluctantly accepted the reality, he is not the core of the United, he has become the superfluous man. Although there is news that Rooney will be the first opportunity in this week’s Europa League, but in Mourinho as for chicken ribs in the game, this is not the first to win the starting point xiaopang. In the battle of Manchester derby midfielder, as Manchester United captain Rooney at half-time to teammate’s teammate at play, according to British media "the sun" in the news, Mourinho has recently conducted a lecture on Rooney, asking him to manage his own mouth, manage yourself, don’t ask others to launch an attack. Deprived of the first, then was Mourinho reprimanded, Rooney in United’s difficult situation, in the eyes of many media and fans, Rooney might have left the Reds looking for a new challenge, after all, Rooney has great popularity, the United States, Chinese League to look at fiercely as a tiger does chubby. But according to the British media, "Daily Mirror" disclosure, the United captain does not leave the Reds, he wants to stay here until the contract expires in 2019 and manchester. (streamer fly)相关的主题文章: