YouTube counterattack social networking video expansion will build a clone twitter (video)-naughty怎么读

YouTube Social Networking Video counter expansion: built a clone of Twitter Tencent technology news in the past two years, the network video has become everyone’s favorite "Tang Seng meat", especially Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat have launched a video service, the first position of YouTube industry is threatened. According to the U.S. technology news website VentureBeat reported, YouTube prepared for these social networks to fight back, means is to upgrade the user account system, launched a complete Twitter function, users can publish personal information, photos, video, and interactive dating fans. YouTube this is the hope of the past video production stars and fans, retained inside the platform. According to reports, YouTube this social networking product name is called background (Backstage), video producers can send text and other content in the future, and subscribe to their fans exchange. The product is expected to be released before the end of the year, may also be listed in the fall, YouTube will launch a mobile version and web version of the "background", the initial stage will be the first to invite some video reds, functions will gradually increase. In short, YouTube will add a similar Twitter or Facebook information flow time line, in addition to the traditional publishing video producers can expand interactive and fans, and even launched various polls. The author released a variety of dynamic information, users will also appear in the subscription content, and access to timely notice. Media analysts pointed out that this new feature in addition to YouTube to enhance the social network features, but also will allow users to share more frequent YouTube wonderful video, improve the amount of on-demand. It is said that, in addition to traditional video, YouTube will also launch a number of limited to background video. The development of this feature is an important step for YouTube. YouTube has traditionally been seen as a social network, but the lack of full interaction between producers and fans. Several years ago, the owner of Google YouTube (micro-blog) was developed and the Facebook competition in the social network Google+, Google has also forced the integration of YouTube and Google+, but the move sparked resentment users self defeating. In order to make up for the exchange with the user, some video Reds transferred to the Twitter and Facebook platform, affect the quality of the original video YouTube. Media analysts said, traditionally, YouTube is a one-way communication from the video to the Internet users (although users can comment on the video), the future will become a two-way communication. Only a short while ago, YouTube was the exclusive online video overlord, but good scenery gone. Almost all of the social networks are aimed at video and video advertising business opportunities, where the action is undoubtedly the biggest Facebook, as early as the end of last year, the amount of Facebook daily video playback!相关的主题文章: