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Ray Allen in the future or Triathlon exposure Rockets have to pursue their own Ray Allen career dunks mixed cut across the 39 year old Maddie Tomahawk buckle buckle tie Tencent November 11th sports news according to the "USA Today" news, ray Allen had announced his retirement, in an interview, Lei Ye said his current gentleman, still insist on running every day, the future plan to participate in the marathon or triathlon. He also revealed that in 2014 the Rockets had been out of the middle class contract, but did not impress himself. Ray – Allen exposes the future or to participate in the triathlon although already retired, but ray Allen remained running, "now I will be at least 20 miles every day." Allen said, "even at the weekend, I will run 10 miles, in the past, I would like to run the weekend even more than 16 miles, running can keep me in good condition." Ray – Allen also said that their plan for the future to participate in the marathon or triathlon. "I want to participate in the marathon in the near future, and more long-term plans, I hope to participate in the triathlon." Allen said, "riding a bike, I can ride for a long time, I still want to improve the project is swimming. In fact, I am very good at swimming, but before I could swim too far." Ray – Allen also said that the past two years he has been trying to comeback, but unfortunately did not get a good chance. "After the 2014 finals, I didn’t think I was going to retire." Ray Allen said, "I’ve been waiting for the right team for me. But after a season, I have not been able to find suitable for their own team, to the 2015-16 season, still the same, I feel that they do not have to wait, two years is really too fast." Ray – Allen said there was no team to provide a suitable contract for themselves. "I would have thought about it if the team offered me a contract that I couldn’t resist, but no one came knocking at my door and said, ‘we’re happy to have you.’ So, I don’t think I need to go back. But for me, I have won two championships, if I go to a team not to win, so I also appear in other team list, this kind of thing will continue to occur." Ray Allen continued. In 2014, the Rockets gave ray Allen provided a full middle price contract, but it did not impress Allen, so far, ray Allen shots in the three ball (7429) and hits (2973) is still ranked first in history, he also revealed his successful experience. "I’ve been thinking about what I can do in the game How can I become an all star player?" Ray Allen said, "the only thing I can do is to be a good teammate, let everyone know that I can be trusted, I want to show in training, in the game to show. That’s what I did in my entire career." In the occupation career, ray Allen won two NBA championship, becoming the three league history the king, these honors will let him become a candidate for the 2019 Hall of fame, ray Allen said that he does not care about these. "My career data and the way I play.相关的主题文章: