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Young man, I think you are really eager to buy a car – car Sohu with a further wave of young people out of school, get your first salary, or work for a few years a small savings, looked into the street, the vehicle if you The stream never stops flowing., heart itch, want to get a car belonging to your own car? But — well, have you identified yourself seriously now for a car? What? Are you rich two generations? This article is not for you. But for the majority of young people, their savings and income, after all, limited, in this context, when buying a car is a need to consider the issue of. Here, let me help you calculate exactly how much will it cost to buy a car, so as not to fall into the situation is too late. Buy a car – the entire loan? For the vast majority of people reading this article, intends to buy models are between 10~20 million, then we might as well take a median, 150 thousand yuan, to do an analysis. First, regardless of whether you choose the mortgage to buy a car, travel tax, vehicle purchase tax and licensing costs or to pay a one-time. Purchase tax, if the displacement of 1.6 or less, then the current purchase tax halved, but still around $6000. Compulsory insurance is about 1000 yuan, travel tax to 300 yuan, the commercial insurance, but I believe It differs from man to man., which is defined as 4000 yuan (this is a conservative estimate, the new first year will usually be more than this figure), the license fees have about more than 500 yuan, so as to Car Buying in vehicle the cost of at least 12000 yuan. If coupled with the film, the installation of navigation, vehicle recorder, car cushion, pendant with car electrical items such as traffic, a conservative estimate is to take more than 3000 yuan. If you want to cash to buy a car, then obviously you will pay a one-time loss of 150 thousand, plus the relevant taxes, the cost is 165 thousand yuan, but if the money will be put into 4% financial products (and this income is not difficult), a year’s income will reach 6600 yuan, assigned to a month is 550 yuan, and the money (interest) has basically enough first-tier cities every day Metro bus fee. If you choose a loan, then the cost of buying a car will actually be higher. The current two-year car loan interest rates are usually around 8~10%, we still take the median value of 9%. For the current can be as low as 5% of the mortgage interest rate, the interest rate is still high, some large institutions and financial products are often less than the site’s revenue. So if you are in Shanghai, it would also like to add a layer, that is, the cost of Shanghai card. If you choose the cattle on behalf of the shoot, obtaining license cost will be more than 100 thousand yuan, and if you choose to take, then pay the time cost is also very impressive, the most important thing is what you pay for the cost of not less than 85000 yuan. The use of maintenance – three points to buy a car, the family must have a family of seven people have such experience: compared to a one-time car costs, the cost of raising the car is the big head. We will be 10 kilometers away from the company, driving about 20 kilometers a day, every day for six days ()相关的主题文章: