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Coach on the harbor, Boas to win the super champion! November 4th – Sohu sports, the Hong Kong Shanghai official Boas command. At a news conference, Boas said the next season to win the Premier League title is the primary goal. And the team manager Sui Guoyang attended the press conference today Boas, he said hello to all friends in the media, Boas then sincerely said: "I’m pleased to come to a press conference, signed on the Hong Kong is my occupation career challenges, is pleased to accept the invitation, in the great plan." Today, Boas bluntly own contract time is not long, it is clear that the team to narrow the gap with Hengda, to achieve the Super League title, which is the main goal." On receiving a lot of big club invitation, but Boas ultimately chose the reason, Hong Kong Boas said: "in all my occupation career, we all know that I am always love different people challenge. I don’t have a very long time at different clubs, and I prefer to challenge different experiences. I also went to teach in Russia, in Asia almost went to Japan, also have the opportunity to go to Brazil, now I China came to accept this challenge, my occupation career, career is short, but let me have a different goal." Boas said that he and the club have a higher level of communication, the club will be more investment also let me look forward to the next season to complete the goal, one of the champions of the game, I am very excited." When asked about the specific objectives of the AFC Champions League, Boas said: "at present, the team and the club is focused on Super League Championship goal, which is the primary target. But we do not taboo direction on AFC Champions League, but this is our second goal. Last year we eight, we hope to further achieve better results this year, we will certainly put in as the primary goal, but considering the level of domestic players and foreign aid forces, both sides do not perfect." Boas had been determined over Hong Kong, foreign media reported Boas’s salary reached 12 million euros, the figure behind Guardiola in Manchester at club level, Ancelotti in Bayern and Mourinho in manchester. The first three coaches were the Champions League level coach, Boas was just a little bit worse. Portuguese Morning Post reported that the Hong Kong to pay out of Boas is not only 12 million euros, but up to $16 million! This figure significantly exceeds the annual salary of the other players in the coach, and Boas will also become the world’s second coach after the second round of the boss of the high salary, the current annual salary in the city of is currently in the city of Manchester City, the annual salary is $18 million. Boas more than Mourinho became the highest paid coach in Portugal, before Hong Kong to buy Hulk’s transfer fee of up to 55 million 800 thousand euros, the two numbers are in the top, two former generals gathered in Hong Kong on zenit.相关的主题文章: