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Environmental protection industry: central enterprises fight for Chinese enterprise to enter the project rate of return is decreasing the environmental protection industry after years of fighting the threshold high return rate and high growth rate of the environmental protection industry, is like a piece of blue ocean, ushered in another batch of new entrants. The | reporter Meng Deyang "behind the bustling, a lot of people will cry." An environmental protection company executives described the current environmental protection industry. Indeed, the economic growth gradually slowed down, the supply side structural reform in the background, a substantial decline in the traditional manufacturing industry profitability, financial capital under the "asset shortage", after years of high return rate and high growth rate of the environmental protection industry, is like a piece of blue ocean, ushered in another batch of new entrants. Although the industry is still growing rapidly, but the blue ocean is turning red. At present, there are more than 53 thousand environmental companies, too many, and many companies are too small." President of the National Federation of environmental chamber of Commerce, said Zhao Lijun, chairman of the board of heaven environment. According to the statistics of "excellence" reporter, the current A shares of listed companies engaged in the air, water and solid waste, environmental monitoring, environmental testing business a total of 59 enterprises, only a rough estimate of the number of companies accounted for 1/1000 of environmental protection. From the income level, the 59 listed companies in 2015 the median sales of only $1 billion 160 million. On the other hand, the central enterprises and large enterprises in the country to actively enter the field of environmental protection, in addition to strong financial strength and financing ability, new entrants to the central enterprises or state-owned enterprises have a natural advantage in the municipal engineering projects. For a veteran of many years in the industry of the company, the most direct feeling is the project’s rate of return is declining, many new entrants adopt low-cost strategy to take the project, let the company have to think of a way to reduce costs complain incessantly. The fierce fighting, but also the integration of environmental protection industry: industry mergers and acquisitions, integration of news. Big institutions to enter, which will accelerate the integration of mergers and acquisitions in the industry, accelerate the restructuring of the industry order, in this sense is a good thing." Zhao Lijun told reporters the "excellence". Obviously, in the "13th Five-Year" start of the year, people have high hopes for the environmental protection industry, but for the enterprise, want to live is not easy: to face the fierce competition, lack of power or eat or be eaten market, enterprise. Which industry is growing fastest? In the water ten, gas ten, soil, and other regulatory policies after the introduction of the ten. Analysis of the industry, said the country’s environmental policy constraints, in fact, forced overcapacity in the industry, high polluting enterprises to upgrade, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the industrial structure. The breakdown in the field of environmental protection industry, according to industry segments, such as division of air and solid waste water. According to the "excellence" environmental reporter statistics A shares in 2015 operating income of listed companies, 59 companies overall revenue rose by 25.47% in 2014; the first quarter of this year, an increase of 32.36% last year, slightly higher than the annual growth rate. There are statistics that the environmental protection industry listed companies in 13th Five-Year revenue will exceed 500 billion yuan of scale相关的主题文章: