5g is no longer the concept of Ericsson and HUAWEI compete for the right to speak in the future-viper12a

5G is no longer the concept of Ericsson and HUAWEI for the future right now about 5G it may be not what publicity stunt, in 2016 China International Exhibition (PT exhibition) the end of Chinese IMT-2020 (5G) to promote the group declared 5G the first test phase completion means the 5G network has boarded the fast lane driving towards us to. According to promote the group, the stage mainly completed the performance and function of the key technology of 5G and wireless network test, and fully verify the key technologies in the experience of millisecond rate, end-to-end delay, per square kilometer million connections to the technical feasibility of diversification of 5G demand scenarios support Gbps users, to further enhance the promotion of innovation and industry the development of 5G. At the same time, the latest technology and products related to 5G has become the focus of the core telecom equipment vendors competing show this exhibition. With the layout of the 5G three major domestic telecom operators to spare no effort, Ericsson, HUAWEI, ZTE, NOKIA Shanghai Baer has entered a new round of competition, the contest of Ericsson and HUAWEI and the most wonderful thing industry ranked first and second. Speed and open contest in communication technology, Ericsson has maintained a leading state of the industry, which has been associated with the continuation of the previous 2G, 3G, 4G accumulation. 5G, HUAWEI, ZTE and jinzhuibushe, much more than the trend, but in the eyes of the outside world seems there is still a certain distance with ericsson. This exhibition, Ericsson around 5G not only shows the latest technology and products, but also from the perspective of the user to understand the combination of 5G applications. Among them, 5G wireless prototype is one of the highlights. It is understood that the Ericsson 5G wireless prototype is in the same time and frequency resources, multi user MIMO, and a large number of large-scale MIMO antenna (array) beamforming technology to provide throughput and energy efficiency at the same time, the peak throughput of more than 25 Gbps. Ericsson 5G wireless prototype size is equivalent to a carry on luggage, but the capacity is equivalent to 40 LTE carrier. It adopts the MIMO (massive-MIMO), multi user MIMO, and a large number of the antenna (array) beamforming technology to enhance the user experience, with the help of beam tracking function, Ericsson 5G wireless prototype to track the position and movement of the terminal, and can be real-time from multiple beams to a selected beam at the optimal direction of the terminal speaking, to ensure high quality and reliable connection. If compared to the throughput, HUAWEI may be a little less. In addition, Ericsson’s 5G plug-in has provided a trial version for the operators, including: large scale MIMO plug-ins, multi-user MIMO plug-ins, RAN virtualization plug-ins, intelligent connection plug-ins, reduce delay plug-ins, etc.. Ericsson plans 5G plug-in will be launched in 2017, the commercial network, will promote the rapid evolution of 5G access network and the successful implementation of 5G services. Ericsson said last month that it will start from 2017 to deliver all of the components required for the launch of the 5G mobile network. Inter governmental organizations set a deadline for 2020 to reach a consensus on the new device frequency and standards, and Ericsson’s component delivery is more than that.相关的主题文章: