Apartments for the elderly elderly paralyzed by nurse abuse was sentenced to seven months of fractur-pp点点通2006

Apartments for the elderly elderly paralyzed by nurse abuse was sentenced to seven months in Qingdao news network November 4th news today from North Qingdao news network fracture, people’s court was informed that the day before, abuse of the elderly paralyzed male nurse Jiang Moumou a trial was jailed for seven months, this is the first case was caretaker abuse in Qingdao city. Court found that: the defendant Jiang Moumou 65 years old this year, since February this year, Jiang Moumou in Qingdao City, Huang Tai Road No. 12 in Baishan as apartments for the elderly care workers, responsible for daily care in the apartment for the elderly work. In June this year, Jiang Moumou in the care of the elderly paralyzed Han Moumou during times of Han Moumou implementation of abuse, assault, caused by Han Moumou ribs and facial injuries. After being arrested for questioning. The identification of Han Moumou victim left axillary midline fourth, fifth rib fractures, no obvious local bone formation and increased bone density features, in line with the recent trauma of fresh fractures, constitutes a minor two; facial soft tissue injury, tongue body skin, constitutes a minor injury. The court held that the defendant Jiang Moumou the responsibilities of the people responsible for nursing implementation of abuse and bad plot, which constitutes the crime of abuse by caregivers, sentenced Jiang Moumou imprisonment for seven months. (Qingdao News Network)

老年公寓护工虐待瘫痪老人致骨折 被判刑七个月   青岛新闻网11月4日讯 今天,青岛新闻网从市北区人民法院获悉,日前,虐待瘫痪老人的男护工姜某某某一审获刑七个月,这是青岛市首例虐待被看护人的案件。   法院审理查明:被告人姜某某今年65岁,今年2月以来,姜某某在青岛市市北区黄台路12号百善老年公寓担任护工,负责入住该老年公寓的老人的日常护理工作。   今年6月,姜某某在看护瘫痪老人韩某某期间,多次对韩某某实施虐待、殴打行为,致韩某某肋部和面部受伤。后被抓获到案。   经鉴定被害人韩某某左侧第4、5肋骨腋中线处骨折,局部无明显骨痂形成及骨密度增高征象,符合近期外伤新鲜骨折,构成轻伤二级;面部、舌体部皮肤软组织损伤,均构成轻微伤。   法院认为,被告人姜某某对其负有看护职责的人实施虐待行为,情节恶劣,其行为构成虐待被看护人罪,判处姜某某有期徒刑七个月。(青岛新闻网)相关的主题文章: