Yang Yang said, actors or works speak give up Yan value is very relaxed! Shandong channel peo-若槻ゆうか

Yang Yang said, "actors or works speak"   "give up Yan value" is very relaxed! Shandong Channel – people.com.cn Yang interview play to the high Lengnan God Yang Yang to give up the "face value"! Yesterday, the movie "passing from your world", Yang Yang played eighteen Mao hair, wearing black rimmed glasses, like a Indoorsman image technology not to stick at trifles. The day before, reporter interviewed Yang Yang in Beijing, interviewed in the dressing room he very comfortable casual. Yang Yang said, his favorite is performance, "Mao eighteen" role also make yourself very relaxed, "do not have to toss the image every day, and even don’t wash your hair."! Totally relaxed." And for all kinds of comments on his performance, Yang Yang said he didn’t care. "The actor still talks about his work. I know what kind of person I am and I’m happy."." Mao eighteen is not the same Yang Yang Guangzhou Daily: this time Mao eighteen, you completely cover up your Yan value, why did you take this role? Yang Yang: this role can not bother every day, relax, do not have to shampoo, completely relaxed. I enjoyed the role of Mao eighteen, and didn’t care about my image. Guangzhou Daily: a lot of fans because Xiao Nai fell in love with you, but Mao eighteen and Nai Nai from shape to personality are very big difference, will worry fans can not accept it? Yang Yang: No, many of the previous role fans have seen, and they are not the same type. In fact, Mao eighteen is a good thing, can let you see a long time did not see Yang Yang, see Yang Yang different side. I’ve always wanted to improve my acting and accumulate more experience, so that works and roles can be recognized. Guangzhou Daily: you’ve been talking a lot about your figure recently. Can you share how you keep fit? Yang Yang: I don’t know how to figure it. Maybe it’s fitness at ordinary times, and it may be related to learning dancing as a child. Acting also need to experience the Guangzhou Daily: this drama and Bai Baihe have a lot of opponents play, how do you feel? Yang Yang: white sister and litchi temperament is very similar, let me feel very warm. In fact, I was nervous and stressed at the beginning, because I was a new man in the movie, and I was afraid of dragging my legs. And she’s really able to learn a lot of performance, such as the way the lines are used, so when they’re performing, I go to the monitors to learn. Guangzhou Daily: and Deng Chao? Yang Yang: Deng Chao brother’s performance in the play, I can’t learn at one thirty, acting or need experience. Guangzhou Daily: the audience has always been fascinated by your face value, it is to enjoy or bound for you? Yang Yang: I don’t think Yan is troubled. Actually, actors appear on the screen, and it is reasonable for you to see beautiful ones. But I still want to put this down and try something deeper. I did not, but to exercise their own in every play, the accumulation of experience. You can’t say that everyone starts acting from childhood, it’s impossible to accumulate experience and your own experience in life, which is the basis for you to play every play slowly. Know what kind of person you are: Guangzhou Daily: Yes 杨洋称“演员还是以作品说话” “放弃颜值”很放松!–山东频道–人民网 杨洋 人物专访 演惯了高冷男神的杨洋这次要放弃“颜值”了!昨日上映的电影《从你的全世界路过》中,杨洋饰演的茅十八一头乱发、戴着黑框眼镜,活脱脱一个不拘小节的技术宅男形象。日前,记者在北京专访了杨洋,在化妆间里接受采访的他十分自如随意。杨洋说,他最爱的就是表演,“茅十八”这个角色也让自己十分放松,“不用每天折腾形象,甚至不用洗头!完全放松了。” 而对于网络上各种对他颜值演技的评论,杨洋说自己并不在乎,“演员还是以作品说话,我知道自己是什么样的人,自己开心就好了。” 茅十八是不一样的杨洋 广州日报:这次演茅十八你完全掩盖了自己的颜值,当初为什么接下这个角色呢? 杨洋:这个角色可以不用每天折腾自己,轻松一点,也不用洗头,完全放松。我很享受演茅十八这个角色,不用刻意在乎自己的形象。 广州日报:很多粉丝因为肖奈爱上了你,但茅十八跟肖奈从外形到性格上都差距很大,会担心粉丝无法接受吗? 杨洋:不会,之前演的很多角色粉丝都看过,都是不一样的类型。其实演茅十八是挺好的一件事,能让大家看到很长时间没看到过的杨洋,看到杨洋不同的一面。我也一直希望通过不断学习来提高演技,积累更多的经验,让作品和角色得到认可。 广州日报:大家最近对你的身材讨论很多,可以分享一下你是如何保持身材的吗? 杨洋:不知道怎么身材就被大家关注了。可能平时就是健身,也可能跟小时候学习舞蹈有关系。 演戏还需要阅历 广州日报:这次戏里和白百何有很多对手戏,感觉怎么样? 杨洋:白姐和荔枝的气质很相像,让我觉得很温暖。其实刚开始我很紧张,也有压力,因为在电影里我算是新人,怕拖后腿。跟她真的能学到很多表演的东西,比如说台词的方式,所以他们表演时,我都会去监视器后面学习。 广州日报:和邓超呢? 杨洋:邓超哥在戏里的表演我一时半会儿还学不会,演戏还是需要阅历。 广州日报:观众总是被你的颜值所迷倒,这对于你来说是享受还是束缚? 杨洋:我没觉得颜值是困扰,其实演员出现在银幕上,大家希望看到美的你是合情理的。但我还是想把这个放下之后,尝试更深的东西。我不是科班出身的,但会在每一部戏中去锻炼自己,积累经验。不能说每一个人从小就开始就会演戏,这不可能的,积累经验和你自己在生活中的阅历,这是你能够慢慢地去演好每一部戏的基础。 知道自己是什么样的人 广州日报:能讲讲你对“路过”的理解吗? 杨洋:今年生日会,我以前的民族舞老师突然出现在台上,很多学生时代的记忆一下子涌现出来了。我觉得每次“路过”都会留下痕迹,这些痕迹或多或少会成为成长的踪迹。 广州日报:年少成名肯定也伴随着不小的压力,遇到压力你会如何排解? 杨洋:其实我觉得网络上的东西都是不用在乎的,演员还是以作品说话,有作品就有很多人支持你。如果很在意网络上的评价,你会很伤心,我不是那种类型。我知道自己是什么样的人,自己开心就好了。(林芳 石珊珊) (责编:郑浦丽、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: