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Relationships The wedding industry is one of the largest industries in the United States. Apparently, a pretty penny can be made through the exploitation and .mercialization of love. Websites and specialized dating places are raking it in. Now I havent tried online dating before but it appears to be working and doesnt have any signs of slowing down. That means that it would be a great time to invest in the wedding industry since there are now more and more things a bride needs to have the perfect wedding. Even rehearsal dinner invitations cost an arm and a leg. It has almost be.e a tradition for the bride to be.e a crazy person who has to lose weight and drive her fiance up a wall. A year of her life is supposed to be devoted to this one glorified party of dry extravagance and sweet wine. Its understood that the husband is supposed to stay out of the way and if hes lucky he might be able to pick the band. It seems like the wedding has be.e so blown out of proportion that we as a society have lost track of what a wedding is really supposed to represent. Its not a rush of in-laws, scented stationary and brand name dresses. Its about one simple thing and at this point, I think todays woman would strongly disagree with me. There are so many things that a bride has to think about before the wedding and its difficult to keep it all together without freaking out. With the actual arrangements inside the venue to dealing with family members, especially in-laws, its a miracle more people dont have a melt down. This is why its always important to have a great foundation working around the bride. Friends have to be there to help the bride with bridal shower invitations, flower arrangements, and the most important thing of all, the dress. Sometimes those involved in the wedding have to pay a lot of money just to be part of the wedding. The bridesmaid dresses might cost more than a hundred dollars alone. With todays economy, its a miracle that people even have the money to do any of these things. With the average wedding costing just around twenty thousand dollars, its easy to see how so many of us are in so much debt. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: