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Obesity Childhood obesity can be difficult to deal with. But you can’t avoid it: You need to take care of it now. Childhood obesity statistics are very frightening. There is a whole array of troubles and diseases that will follow a child into adulthood, all because of childhood obesity. The future of the children is painful to imagine, because this problem is widespread in many countries. The number of obese children has tripled since the 80s. 18 percent of children today are obese. An obese adolescent has a 70% chance of being an obese adult, according to childhood obesity statistics. The numbers are really alarming. The truth is that our children learn how to eat and about nutrition from us. When they develop bad eating habits as a child, such as eating large amounts of sugars and fats, those habits will carry over into adulthood. That’s why it is important to monitor what your child eats, and to teach them about healthy food and the benefits. You need to tell them what unhealthy foods can do to their bodies. Childhood obesity statistics say that obese children are at a much greater risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer when they are adults. The habits your child learns from your today could mean the difference of life and death when they grow up. That’s an alarming thought. If we love our children, it’s up to us to encourage them to eat wholesome foods and stop eating the food that’s bad for them. Every week, introduce a new healthy food. Over time they will .e to love the healthy foods. Get rid of the unhealthy foods from your pantry and fridge. Reward your children for eating all their fruits and veggies. It begins now: Raise your children to be healthy so that they will be.e healthy adults. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: