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Real-Estate Bangalore: Home buying is not an easy task; in fact it is one tough job buyers need to do. Owning a home requires a lot of involvement as well as responsibility. Now, the question is how to meet your goal of buying a house smoothly? Below is the list of questions you need to ask before buying a house. 1) Cause for selling An important thing to check is the cause for selling the property, if it is an old house. Investors have every right to question directly to the vendor about the reason behind selling. It could happen that the reason mentioned by the seller may not satisfy the buyers but it is .pulsory to check whether the reason is authentic or not. There may be other reasons also if not any serious issues but the best way to get the actual reason is from the neighbors, near government agencies and local shop owners. 2) Be financially .fortable Home is where the heart is, this adage is said to be true when it .es to home buying. Most of the people are emotionally attached to their homes. But when buying a house, buyers need to keep aside their emotions and need to focus at the affordability aspects. Moreover, look at affordability aspect, a house which is economically affordable; always makes you feel happy to reside in. Home buying process involves immense investment and sometime it is the biggest purchase for some buyers. Lack of budgeting may land you up in cash crunch situation because with the house you need to pay for other things like maintenance, levy charges, utility and so on. In such situation, a preplanned budget will .e to your rescue. Exceeding budget may bring troubles in future, which in turn may put you through cash crunch situation. 3) Arrange all the requisite documents Legal procedures need proper attention and time. Look into the legal aspects before buying a house is very important. Before making a final call, it is mandatory to check all the legal documents of the property you are planning to fix. Check whether the property has any legal issues or it is .pletely free from such issues. As it may happen that to sell out the property, seller may not disclose the hidden problems, and so the check for proper documents is necessary. You can also take help from legal advisors utility departments and tax departments to get further input. 4) Are You Licensed? Make sure that the builder you approach holds a proper legal license. It is no harm to ask the builder directly whether he is licensed or not. A licensed builder will provide you all the details and kind of work you request for. Adding to it, the builder can give you an estimated time to deliver the possession. 5) Floor area Floor area is one major point to ask the builders. There are different kind of floor areas, such as built-up area and super built-up area among others. The floor areas will provide you an idea of the house, whether the house is value for money or not. Ensure that you ask for a copy of the building plan to get a better idea. By asking this question, you can estimate the cost of carpet area as well. 6) Ask for Reference work? When you approach a builder, it is better to ask for references, before you finalize the deal. After getting reference details, you can cross check on those details to know the builders work. Through this process you will also get to know about builders reputation in the market as well as the quality and kind of work he does. 7) Ask for project .pletion details Ensure that you ask the builder to provide a work schedule, which in turn will help you to keep track of the project and the .pletion level for each stage. If the builder provides you all the above details then you can get a clear idea as to when you can occupy your dream house. Adding to it, the builder should provide you a quoted price in written documents. Detail documents is an important thing in this case so that you can track each and every expense be it expected or unexpected. 8) Tax related issues Tax bills differ for each location and it is an important to look at the tax bills before fixing a deal. For this, the buyers can ask for the recent tax bills from the sellers because eventually buyers will have to suffer if they have to pay huge tax bill. So, to avoid this trouble the buyers have to look at the newspaper archives or talk to the realtor. In some cities schools are funded through property taxes which mean people of the city have to pay more tax, to avoid these circumstances the buyers should look into it thoroughly. Source:- siliconindia About the Author: 相关的主题文章: