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90 the man stabbed wife and chopped two women sentenced to death in the original title: Luohe 90 man stabbed wife and chopped two women! The First Instance sentenced to death! And after that… In April 1st last year, occurred in the tragedy of Luohe City, a man named Cao Moumou 90, due to conflict with his wife, was stabbed in the new house, but Cao Moumou madness did not stop, he went to a nearby village and chopped two women, resulting in 2 dead 1 injured. Luohe suspect because of emotional disputes even after the murder of three men killed, causing widespread concern. In October 18th this year, the Luohe intermediate people’s Court of first instance to intentional homicide, sentenced to death Cao Moumou, deprived of political rights for life. At night, and his wife quarrel was brandished a knife stabbed his wife the night of April 1, 2015, the murder of the Red Road East area residents of Luohe City Economic and Technological Development Zone in the home, the dead killed dongmou. (the suspect arrested site) after the alarm, police immediately rushed to the scene investigation. The investigation, Dongmou is killed by her husband cao. Cao Moumou, born in 1990, why killed his wife at night? After the investigation, that night, Moumou and Dongmou quarrel, quarrel, Dongmou called to her mother and her husband angry. Dong mother gave Cao mother call to mediate, then Dongmou and sent to his mother and three abnormal mobile phone SMS, the morning of the second day Dongmou mother found her daughter down in a pool of blood. The court found that the Cao is with a fruit knife will Dongmou neck scratched, after the hand choke Dongmou caused the death of the neck. Run, and killed one person injured one person in April 2, 2015 at 10 o’clock in the morning, Cao Moumou fled to the wadi Chen Xiang Yuanhui District Hemou home, was found after Cao Moumou Hemou, Hemou cut with an axe hammer head and neck several times, after fleeing the scene. What a mother came home to see his wife down in a pool of blood, feeling to the neighbors shouting the rescue, he was sent to hospital for treatment, after the rescue, life was saved, but still paralyzed in bed, after identification, where a human body injury degree was seriously injured two. He fled home, Cao Moumou on the morning of 11 pm, and fled to the dry river Chen Xiang Yuanhui District groom Zhang Cunyan Moumou home, Yan Moumou was found after he was hit with a claw hammer Yan Moumou head several times, after fleeing the scene, Yan Moumou died. April 2, 2015 16 am, Cao Moumou was arrested near the city of Xiangjiang Road, a hotel. And after all this… Seriously injured people, the family spent their savings with the tragedy destroyed 3 family happiness, marvel. (where a victim before the wedding) as the only survivor Hemou in the case, although her life was saved, but in order to cure her home, spent all their savings, food, home appliances are sold, borrowed all the relatives and friends of the money, only the hospitalization fees spent more than 20 yuan. Since the case has not been the end of the trial, his family has not yet been civil compensation and judicial relief fund. (the victim Hemou Hemou home photo) was a happy family, the husband Mr. Liu, 30 years old this year, driving in a large enterprise in our city, a pair of lovely children, 6 year old daughter, 1 year old son. Luohe, the 85 after the husband was seriously injured wife never abandon, cure.相关的主题文章: