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A Buddhist propagandist: Buddha Buddha Cheng Cheng Zhu map respect like (map) text: Zhao Rongxiang inherits Western Buddhism, Han buddhism. Still as the center of Luoyang and developed, but the Buddhist activities, in addition to translation of Buddhist classics, is the Buddhist faith campaign, has deep upper and folk. The most prominent one in Western monks, Buddhist propaganda, is Buddha Cheng zhu. First, to prevent the killing of Luoyang Zhu plans Weicheng (AD 231 – 348 years), the western regions, the name is said to be Chinese silk; Tianzhu, the name is wet. At the age of nine, a monk in oddiyana, smart. Twice to the Tianzhu country Buddhist holy law school, youth has been attained, the world famous. Plans Weicheng childhood learning Theravada Buddhism, chanting Buddhist scriptures, millions of words, versed in Buddhism classics. He had heard that India and many western missionary monks, so he went to the East, budding missionary idea came to the trek, fatigued with the journey a Buddhist shrine in Dunhuang, he lived in Dunhuang for many years with the Chinese temple. In order to better understand and promote Buddhism, especially in the Western Jin Dynasty emperor Huai Yongjia four years (AD 310 years) and east to Luoyang when he was eighty years old. Zhu plans Weicheng, although did not read the Confucian classics and history books, but by being told, still can understand the effect. It is said that once, he and many bachelor debating problems, his speech is exactly the same as off the reel, and the contents of the book, everyone called him "strange monk". He was in the northwest of Tianzhu country Buddhist holy learning, so, he repeatedly said to accept the teacher teach dark tianzhu. Although Buddhism in Han Ming Di Chinese introduced, but the impact is not big, the official long ban Han monks, generally only in folklore. Good plans Weicheng chanting mantra, the spell, soon to be the rulers of the trust, to a very special role to play Chinese buddhism. Buddha Cheng came to Luoyang, want to build the temple, a cause of buddhism. Plans Weicheng before coming to Luoyang, Luoyang has a non Han Wei Taiping scene. The Western Jin Dynasty, "eight internal chaos", the war flared up, Dynasty in. King Tai two years (AD 303 years), dizu Leeteuk established the Han Chinese in Chengdu, before and after the continuation of the seven emperor, forty-five years. The first year of Jin Yongxing (304 AD), Liu Yuan Jin general of the champion of the Huns in the north, revolted against the Jin Dynasty, in Zuo Guocheng (now Shanxi Lishi) to Hanvon, Han dynasty. Dili Jinhuai Yongjia two years (AD 308 years) in October, the emperor for second years (AD 309 years) to Pingyang (now Shanxi Linfen). Liu Yuan ordered general Liu Cong,, north of the Yellow River to clear the March, and then straight down Luoyang. Liu Cong Wang Mi, the strength of the Yellow River, the Yiyang garrison, but Shanxi military Zhajiang, destroying most of Han Liu, Wang Zhide, get out of the north. Half a month later, Liu Cong and the rate of 80000 people arrived in Yiyang, to the city of Luoyang has a large air swallowing force against Luoyang Heluo arrogance and power, all the gates, but was not under attack for a long time, the Jin army attack, loss of soldiers million, morale drop. Liu Cong had ordered the army to lead north. Soon after Liu Yuan died, Prince Liu Cong killed, inherited the throne. Plans Weicheng arrived in Luoyang in the first year (AD 310 years) in October, Hatty Liu Cong ordered to attack Luoyang. Liu Yao, Wang Mi, general,, the rate of troops down to Luoyang, eighty thousand. Schleswig soldiers from East Road, along the grazing.相关的主题文章: