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Food-and-Drink I picked up a chocolate-covered caramel candy bar at the checkout counter of the grocery store this afternoon. It was good, but it wasn’t great. If you want lip-smacking delicious sweets, you need to go a confectionery, which is a specialty shop for candy. Liquorice (or licorice) is my favorite candy. The earthy, subtle flavor makes my taste buds happy. Soft Dutch liquorice is by far the best-tasting liquorice I’ve ever had. It has a rich flavor that can’t be matched. I like salty liquorice, too. If you can believe it, my favorite online sweetshop has five, yes five, types of salty liquorice. Life can be so serious, so I like to give sweets as presents. Candy goes a long way toward making life more fun and keeping things in perspective. I gave my feline-loving friend a package of sweet liquorice cats when she was sick. But it turns out she prefers lollies. Lollies, or lollipops as they call them in the States, .e in a terrific variety of flavors. She likes to have an assortment of fruit lollies on hand at home and on her desk at work. She tells me angry people calm down and sad people brighten up when they choose a lollie from the dish. Thinking that my sister who loves to sunbathe might like sunshine lollies, I ordered her some from my online sweetshop. Wrong again–she only eats bonbons. So the next time I sent her liquorice bonbons (remember, I like liquorice best and she’s my sister, so I thought…), but she only likes toffee bonbons. Finally I sent her an assortment of smooth and rich toffee bonbons: lemon toffee bonbons, strawberry toffee bonbons, and vanilla toffee bonbons. No .plaints there; her sweet tooth was satisfied. I sent my cousin 23 red, heart-shaped chocolate-filled marshmallows for her 23rd birthday. Wasn’t that sweet of me? I couldn’t go wrong this time, because I know she loves marshmallows and chocolate. But-you guessed it-I was wrong again. Well, I was partly right, she does like chocolate-filled marshmallows, but her favorite candy is the strawberry-flavored chocolate-filled marshmallow. Next year I’ll remember. I finally got smart. Before I sent my father candy for his birthday, I asked him what kind he likes best. He thought a second and said, "Dear, whatever you send me will be the sweetest gift of all." Now, how do you like that! The Web has tons of online confectioneries. Take a look. They’re all lit up with colorful pictures that loosen up your taste buds. The only way I can resist ordering everything is by remembering that the sweetshops will be there next week when I’m ready for a new supply of candy. I have my favorite online sweetshop, as I mentioned above, but you may prefer a different online confectionery. The point I’m trying to make with this long story is that online confectioneries have candy to suit the taste of anyone who ever had a sweet tooth. The only trick is remembering who likes what! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: