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Writing Trilogy Series Books includes three different books that highlight over three different aspects of life. These books are fantasy fiction books and are extremely interesting to read upon. Reading is a passion for many, but it depends upon the choice and taste of every individual that what kind of a book he wishes to read. Well, to give your passion a new direction, you can try a hand over this newly launched Trilogy Series Books. There are three different books included in this series and each one of them emphasizes on a fresh story. These are fiction based stories and cover few beautifully crafted experiences of the books author. In few months, this series has gained tremendous popularity worldwide. There is no doubt to say that every human being has an individual life, but there are few .mon instances that occur in every one’s life; may be at different points of time. Fear, anger and victory are the .mon factors based on which these three stories have been written. The Life of Zoya, A Wizards Tale, and The After Worlds are the names of these three books. All three stories are different from each other and are highly daring and ambitious to read upon. These are based upon some myths, fables and the actual facts of life and death. It is the courteous concept of this Trilogy series that has already won it the label for Best Trilogy Series. Here is a brief description of all three stories: The Life of Zoya: It is about the fear and loneliness of a 4 year old girl, who is left all alone in the cruel world with loads of aids and sufferings around. When no helping hand approaches her, she fights on her own for her survival. The After Worlds: This book highlights the kind of life a soul lives after death. If you are also among the group who believes that there is no life after death then this book would surely bring a change to your thinking. By introducing a message that our ancestors have left for us, this book is highly informative and interesting to read. A Wizard’s Tale: It is an interesting story about two big and powerful wizards that ruled the galaxies before the originating of this world. In that era also, there were grudges and guilt that separated the wizards and divided the twin powers of vengeance. Though it is an amalgamation of three different stories but, the .mon idea behind the introduction of this series is to explain the real meaning of life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: