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A recommendation: not afraid of the opponent home court advantage Tanzania Polly struck – Sohu SMG football Monday 006: CA VS Zapatero Tanzania Polly natu game time: 2016-8-30 Tuesday 08:15 asian handicap: 0.95 tie 0.93 hemisphere average index: 2.25 3.10 3 scout Intelligence: CA Tanzania Polly last season was poor, the final ranked sixth place team averaging only 0.88 goals, tied for third little league, the team is the biggest problem in attack. But the team home court record is good, only two defeats, have a certain ability to grab points. Petro Natu scored last season and ended up in the middle. The team away game result is very bad, only three five record, winless, off the battlefield were conceded reached 2.13, defense useless. This season, CA is expected to usher in a good start. Scout data analysis: CA Tanzania Polly nearly three times in the face of Petro Natu two wins and a draw unbeaten, but only by one goal, the strength is close to the disc; open the Lord let flat half water, the market outlook to super high water, check on the suspect, combines with the compensate mainstream institutions level compensation have fallen sharply, this battle of good CA Tan Polly unbeaten points. SMG Shengping Fu recommended: 31 disc recommended: CA score: 0:0, Polly Tan recommended 1:0

阿甲推荐:主场优势 坦波利未惧对手来袭-搜狐  竞彩足球周一006 : CA坦波利 VS 帕特罗纳图   比赛时间:2016-8-30 星期二 08:15   亚洲盘口:0.95 平手 半球 0.93   平均指数:2.25 3.10 3.00   球探情报分析:   CA坦波利上赛季表现不佳,最终位列倒数第六的位置,球队场均仅有0.88球进账,联赛并列第三少,进攻乏力是球队最大的问题。不过球队主场战绩不错,只有两场败仗,具备一定的抢分能力。而帕特罗纳图上赛季表现一般,最终排名中游。球队客场成绩十分糟糕,仅仅取得三平五负的战绩,一胜难求,客战场均失球达到2.13个,防守形同虚设。本场比赛,CA坦波利有望迎来开门红。   球探数据分析:   CA坦波利近三次面对帕特罗纳图两胜一平保持不败,不过都只是以一球小胜,实力较为接近;亚盘初开主让平半中水,后市升至超高水,有阻击上盘的嫌疑,结合欧赔主流机构平赔均有大幅下滑,今仗看好CA坦波利不败取分。   竞彩胜平负推荐:31   亚盘推荐:CA坦波利   比分推荐:0:0,1:0相关的主题文章: