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A "save the village regulations" month electricity million yuan — Society — people.com.cn original title: "save a stinking ditch village regulations" June province electricity million yuan more than 1600 meters long into the Lotus Pond and a fitness center; originally everywhere the firewood pile disappeared; the water saving nearly half in the water after the installation. These earth shaking changes took place in the village of Korea Town, Shunyi District. The appearance of the village renovation party members to sign an undertaking sixteen month 2014, the new party secretary of the Party branch meeting held strong pang. At the meeting, the first party oath. Subsequently, the village Party Secretary Pang strong to say to you: "a village to rectification, Party members should take the lead." A village has 398 households, Party members and 71 people, a party member’s commitment, which means that their families and even the interests of their relatives damaged. This meeting, all Party members signed a pledge, to take the lead for accelerating the construction of new countryside. In 2014, a village Party organizations are weak and lax, the district village, the village was still a stinking ditch, the heavy task of environmental remediation. That year, the renovation of the project started smelly ditch. Smelly ditch more than 1600 meters long, there are dozens of years. A village to the district to apply for a "one thing one discussion" funds, 600 thousand yuan, used to regulate the smelly ditch. When the project is completed, not only laid on the culvert, also built Lotus Pond, efficient use of funds obtained from the Department of Finance and supervision. So, in 2015, spent 600 thousand yuan, this smelly ditch completely changed. The day before, the reporters came to the stinking ditch at its widest point, see a long about 30 meters and a width of 20 meters of the pond. Under the sun, a green lotus leaves bursts of coolness to the people. In the downstream of the pond, also built 4 small parking lot and 4 pieces of fitness, a trampoline, slides and other amusement facilities and fitness facilities. Just two years time, there was a stinking ditch for dozens of years, became the youngest leisure fitness Park, three dance teams in the village also has a spacious place to practice. In August this year, a village also invested about 1700000 yuan, the main road in the village asphalt. In the village on the west side, a walled courtyard, Pang Qiang told reporters that this is where the stack of firewood, the village is currently a total of 4. Coal to electricity is in the village recently, to the end of these is to clear out the firewood pile, freeing space for landscaping, leisure. Villagers in a village in order to achieve concise and to the point before the door, the reporter saw the door on 4 plaques, in addition to the town government selection of environmental sanitation, the other three brands are: a village Party, village and village households star "five top ten demonstration households. The three plaques, with a village of the village. A village village has 5, one of which is that party responsibility, bright identity, striving to make the model, five good party members. The second is the five top 10 (i.e., striving for spiritual civilization, respecting filial piety old, jiaoziyoufang, green ecology, fall home system). The village Party Secretary Pang Qiang introduction, this is the two term will not change. Then the three is based on social and economic development of the village to adjust the current of the three are: homestead outside not cluttered, Sidaluanjian, not illegal rental; garbage door, paper)相关的主题文章: