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A total of Yang Min studio dance dance good to hear or see to send into the mountain – Entertainment Sohu       in September, clear. Vice president of Minzu University of China School of dance in Yang Min’s efforts, in September 25th Yang Min and Yang Min studio all the graduates to the North Town Central Primary School in Miyun District, start to send a dance into the mountain "event here. The public welfare activities of the North Town Party committee, Miyun District Education Committee, Miyun District Youth and support China dancer association. Miyun District Education Committee Secretary Zhang Wenliang, deputy director of the Commission Yang Fujun, the board of education of the children’s palace, yoshie body responsible person, as well as students and parents North Town Village leadership, kindergarten primary school, 840 people participated in this event. Have a large coffee and mountain dance community children dance together, let the children enjoy the joy of dance, enjoy the beautiful dance, the release of juvenile feelings. At the opening ceremony, North Town Party Secretary Fang Jianqing; Miyun District Education Committee Secretary Zhang Wenliang; the famous dance artist, educator, member of the CPPCC National Committee, China Dancer Association consultant, vice president Chen Ailian, vice president of Minzu University of China; School of Dance Dance Association Chinese school deputy director of dance education Committee Yang Min delivered a speech. Chen Ailian as one of the main promoters of dance into the campus career, is very concerned about the event. Chen Ailian in the art of dance has been half a century, in his speech, her kind the children pulled on stage, over seventy years and still marriageable age boys and girls dancing together, "youth often does not reduce, kung fu". As a highlight of the dance dance sent into the mountain demonstration part, from the Minzu University of China Yang Min School of dance studio students performing folk dance, classical dance, modern dance, Mongolia dance for children. Classical dance woman combined beat melody has brought the ancient palace women elegant picture, man Mongolia dance with sonorous action show the beauty of a force, won thunderous applause children actors exquisite performance. Graduate students after the performance, from the North Central Primary School Dance Troupe also show their achievements for everyone. The children’s dance uniform, graceful and in place, they like a fairy on the stage in the shuttle, to show children naivete. Dance performances after they graduate of Minzu University of China School of dance of professional guidance for primary school students kitanosho dance teacher, Chen Ailian, Yang Min and other experts and teachers to discuss primary school leadership Beizhuang dance education work. Yang Min said in an interview: "this time to carry out the" send a dance into the mountain "theme activities, is an important part of Yang Min’s dance studio, the purpose is to let the children in the mountainous area can also enjoy the dance dance, broaden horizons, stimulate interest in learning dance, the pursuit of artistic dreams. Invite parents to observe and understand the significance and role of dance learning in the development of expert lectures and dance. At the same time, help the school to cultivate the characteristics of dance, enhance the artistic vision of mountain teachers." North Zhuang town Party Secretary Fang Jianqing, said: mountain children need the art of smoking.相关的主题文章: