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The driver asked about network through the qualifying examination driver said that if the threshold will leave about network driver qualification examination required by the driver said that if the threshold value will choose "leave" – reporter Liu Sihui from "network booking taxi service management procedures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures" or "net about new car") has been published the local government is formulating, their specific standards and operational requirements, but in the Shenzhen municipal CPPCC members, Shenzhen Polytechnic logistics department associate professor Wang Xue opinion, according to the present disclosure, our policy seems to still apply the original regulatory taxi experience. In addition, with the November net about the formal implementation of the new car near the time, recently, Ministry of transportation issued a "taxi driver qualification management regulations" (hereinafter referred to as: "driver management regulations") and "cruising taxi business service management regulations" (hereinafter referred to as: "parade car regulations") as the taxi network about cars of the new deal supporting policies, "the driver" Regulations on the implementation of the next month. Specifically, the driver management regulations significantly increased the network about car driver qualification management regulations, in other words, in the future, such as drops and easy to network drivers need to take part in the test. In this regard, the trickle back to the Securities Daily reporters, said the drops are in accordance with the requirements of the new deal, the driver access to audit and clean up. Easy to say, the old driver collective research, the new driver, they certified the best, no words can also collective organization. However, in the eyes of the drivers, in almost no real income subsidies, larger landslide cases, if the net about the car industry examination is complex and not easy to pass, elevating the driver access threshold, choose the "go" will be a high probability event. The network driver need to test the concern of the network about the new car announced at the end of July this year. Net about the new deal clear car about the legal status of the car, in the network about the specific management standards and operational requirements of the car, gave the local government a lot of discretion. But the specific standard has now disclosed local public transportation management bureau and the operation requirements, the standard vehicle technology network about cars than conventional cruising taxi, including vehicle purchase price, main dimensions. Even as Lanzhou yunguanchu official website news, on the net about the car on the quantity and price of a double limit. In this regard, Didi said that the current inconvenience to comment. But in Wang Xue’s view, the network about cars has been approved by national and local management policies set but still apply the taxi management approach, "the current situation is how to grasp the degree of the problem, each of the local administrative department of state on the net about vehicle attitude direction should be consistent." It has always been as the vanguard of reform in Shenzhen city in September to develop specific rules, "there should be a corresponding guidance issued." The local government has promulgated related policies at the same time, the day before Wang Xue added, the Ministry of transportation released 63 orders (on Revising the "driver management regulations" of the decision, on the net) taxi driver about the access conditions, at the same time in the net about on相关的主题文章: