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After maintenance of mobile phone also may be forced to recall second explosion Samsung Note 7 Samsung Note 7 and exploded, if the mobile phone is confirmed to be Samsung claims after maintenance of security mobile phone, Samsung is likely to be forced to recall second Note 7. Bloomberg quoted two former U.S. security officials said that if the United States on Wednesday, a fire on the Northwest Airlines plane, Samsung Note 7 was confirmed after the repair of mobile phones, Samsung may face a recall of the second. U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and the consumer product safety commission is investigating the mobile phone explosion on Wednesday to confirm whether the Samsung phone after the recall is really maintenance. October 5th (Wednesday), before the U.S. Northwest Airlines plane took off, a Galaxy Note 7 phone fire, the passengers had to evacuate. According to reports, the mobile phone owner Brian Green said, when he put the phone shut down in the pocket, then the phone began to heat, he put the phone on the ground plane, it comes out of gray green smoke". Green said that when the fire, the phone is still about 80% of the electricity, since getting this phone, he only wireless charger to charge. He bought the phone in September 21st. Northwest Airlines also confirmed the fire incident. Subsequently, Samsung Corp said in a statement, is working with the authorities, Northwest Airlines has been found on the phone and confirm the reason. "We’ll post more information when we check the phone." "If this is a mobile phone after maintenance, it is in the main pocket smoke, then I guess Samsung will recall second times," said Pamela, former executive director of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, said Gilbert. Mobile phone owner Brian Green said that the phone box has a black box icon, which indicates that Samsung has been repaired, safe use of mobile phones. Samsung Note 7 in August shortly after the market, the global emergence of dozens of mobile phone burning or explosion, Samsung Note 7 has also been a number of foreign air transport regulators and airlines as dangerous goods. Samsung is also in crisis. September 2nd, Samsung Electronics announced the recall of 2 million 500 thousand Galaxy Note on the global issue of the model, while the suspension of the aircraft in the sales of the 10 countries and regions in the world by the year of the year, in which the company has been operating in the United States and China, the world’s largest. Samsung subsequently said it had discovered the cause of the battery fire, and to ensure that the new phone will not have the same defects. Samsung Electronics from the latest release of the three quarter preliminary earnings, perhaps you can see the negative impact of the recall. As of the third quarter of September 30th, Samsung Corp operating profit grew by 5.5% to $7 trillion and 800 billion won (about $7 billion), the slowest growth rate since the five quarter. Three quarter sales of 49 trillion won, lower than the expected 51 trillion won, down by 5.2%.相关的主题文章: