Ai Fukuhara married! After becoming a Chinese daughter-in-law, the Japanese people collectively pani jkforum

Ai Fukuhara married! China officially became the daughter-in-law, the Japanese people’s collective panic early this morning, sister (WeChat public number: entifengvip) was first victory and sister Bea Hayden took the cover photo shocked, think of another "Korean love" was born, and Chinese woman to flow abroad with high quality? This is a loss of two husbands…… Heart pain can not breathe well, someone immediately came out to explain the two people are in the promotion of the new movie ~ Li victory you are doing things ah! Then a brush micro-blog, Xiaomei (WeChat public number: entifengvip) and was scared to ~ according to Japanese media reports, the famous Japanese table tennis player Ai Fukuhara, has been registered in Tokyo earlier this month quietly married, and her husband love sauce is Chinese Taipei table tennis player Jiang Hongjie, that is to say, the porcelain doll finally marry a daughter-in-law Chinese ~ recent entertainment is not scary, tear X is married ~ a message, the comments area is a hi Pu Ben, we have sent congratulations, congratulations to love has become a "Chinese sauce daughter-in-law", has shown a goddess fell dejected, Lord, "." ~ the major media have rushed to follow up reports of ~ two love "shouted come to fruition after all love jam in sports but accepted popular king ~ opened micro-blog less than three months she has seven digit fan with Delicate facial features, and straightforward character and a standard language in Northeast China, Ai Fukuhara has a large number of fans in China, she and Li Zongwei is one of the few foreign athletes, is classified as "won Chinese will not be Tucao" ranks. Even there are friends that love is like the relationship between the China sauce and little grey sheep village and is also very vivid metaphor. Which everyone knows Ai Fukuhara is the ten northeast dialect scholar, said also is very popular in slip delicacy than local people, eat dishes in Japan before "happy mad love" open, everyone guessing love may marry a northeast silver paste, but quite dramatically, the husband love jam is a handsome guy in Taiwan. Ai Fukuhara’s husband Jiang Hongjie is China Taipei men’s table tennis team player, was born in February 22, 1989 in Taiwan Hsinchu, height 1 meter 78, than the love of one year old ~ belongs to small sauce Jiedi Jiang honji is now one of the Taipei men’s team players, who won the 2005 World Youth Championships Men’s doubles champion, men’s singles champion 2009 universiade. In the area of Taiwan, by virtue of the sun handsome appearance and skill, he has a high popularity. Ai Fukuhara in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, worked with the famous Japanese Prince of tennis nishikori in love, then was photographed two street in Tokyo’s Harajuku photo kiss. But just 4 months, under pressure from all sides, the two broke up. 2014 and Jiang Hongjie met in 2015 formally established a relationship. Although it is a long-distance love, but the two people often come and go together in Tokyo and Taiwan, brewing on the fruit of love. In April this year, Ai Fukuhara was in love with the media broke the Taiwan player Jiang Hongjie, love sauce is also the first time love to respond, she used her personal trainer Tang Yuanyuan micro-blog on the matter were explained: "Hello I’m Ai Fukuhara. With my teaching.相关的主题文章: