Alipay started early red wars television red new ideas how to play soulseek

Alipay started early red wars "television red new ideas how to play? The payment service vice president Yuan Leiming Sina Francisco November 15th afternoon news, Alipay today announced a partnership with 10 TV, open the "red TV Festival", the audience in the prime time to watch the ads, Alipay advertising identification will have the opportunity to get red envelopes of cash. From the beginning of 2013, the largest part of Alipay and WeChat have been the end of the red war industry, the 2015 Spring Festival, WeChat culture "shake the habit by Spring Festival, Alipay in the 2016 Spring Festival Gala on the popularity of the" Shoop Shoop a". Look at this, the 2017 Spring Festival Red war seems to start early. Join the red war 10 TV TV is not strictly speaking, red Alipay launched the product, but the interactive ant payment service open platform in the introduction of a "Internet plus TV advertising products based on. The gold dress opening Alipay users touch up, big data, Tmall, portrait, reputation full channel business reach ability, they will play on Tianmai interactive television, television advertising and product understanding ability. It is understood that the Alipay TV red partner, Laura was founded in 2008, relying on independent research and development of video cloud computing, data mining, mobile Internet application technology, established a TV+ TV interactive Tianmai integrated marketing platform in China, providing interactive TV products for television, solutions for advertisers to provide television scene of digital marketing plan. Based on the cooperation between the two sides, from November 18th onwards, the process of the user after 7:30 night watch ads on Guangdong TV, Chongqing TV and other 10 TV, can participate grab envelopes by Alipay App in the "red TV" function. Red envelopes randomly distributed by Alipay systems, new users can receive a maximum of 4999 yuan, the old users the maximum amount of 999 yuan. The red pages enhance the interaction between the brand and the audience. In the red envelope results page, advertisers can continue to interact with the audience through the poster, brand advertising, complete version of the video games and other forms, can also guide the user to complete the purchase directly, or through the service window of precipitation is a fan of the brand. The ability of data based on Alipay, the interaction and precipitation can also help the brand more fans understand its audience’s characters, such as geographical distribution, consumption preference and consumption ability, time and so on. This is not the first time Alipay red TV and interact. For many years, the protagonist of both red Wars: Alipay and WeChat, respectively, on behalf of Ali and Tencent, and each other in the Spring Festival in the stalls, choose the CCTV Spring Festival as the main battlefield. Complete user education in a second tier city, Alipay and WeChat are eager to pay for the use of red used to sink to the general cities, rural areas, so as to complete the new tension and liveness problems. The next possibility of multi screen interactive TV advertising, not just TV selection in the PC side, the mobile terminal distribution program, but the mobile terminal and the mobile phone screen, the formation of a real interaction. The value of traditional TV advertising has always been in the hands of advertisers and the media相关的主题文章: