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All over the country to carry out the "anti pornography – humiao 2016 special action – Education – since February 2016, the national anti pornography office to organize relevant departments to carry out the" anti pornography? Humiao 2016 "special action to crack down on illegal dissemination of harmful substances and the children’s publishing information activities. The reporter understands, around the innovation education mode, combining, for the children to build "the spirit of protection forest". Since this year, and the manufacture and sale of illegal and harmful to all children’s publications and dissemination of harmful information network such as focus on publication market, printing enterprises and the Internet space for high density inspections of illegal activities to keep the pressure to cut the criminals into the children’s hands "". As of August, Jiangxi investigating pornography cases since 95, the national anti pornography office and the Ministry of Public Security Bureau jointly supervise the handling of 2 major cases, pornography office and the Provincial Public Security Bureau jointly supervise the handling of 5 major cases, 88 cases have been closed. Anhui in the spring semester, fall semester and 61 pre deployment of children to focus on inspection activities, highlighting the renovation of the campus surrounding cultural market. Only the "61" children’s festival, adhere to the daily inspection and examination combined across the province, law enforcement officers dispatched more than 7500 passengers, check the vehicle a total of 3000 times, 1200 times, check the printing enterprise typing photocopying shop 900 times, books audio and video products store 1650 times, banning unlicensed stalls 210, confiscated more than 2800 pieces of pirated cds. Hunan province Changsha city focus on the Internet and micro field "pornographic and other harmful information dissemination behavior, the city’s more than 40 Internet cultural enterprises to conduct a comprehensive inspection, investigation by Information Technology Co. Ltd. violations, the illegal evidence of remote forensic 1 Internet culture units. The healthy growth of children needs a good social and cultural atmosphere. The special action focus on dafangbingju, through the propaganda activities into the campus and other places, to guide children to read more books, read good books, far away from and against illegal publications and harmful information for children. "Students, class. World Intellectual Property Day April 26th. Into the campus, scholarly flying; genuine life, green reading……" You will hear the ring when you go to the elementary and middle schools in Jiangxi. Jiangxi will be the "anti pornography" and knowledge of copyright protection and anti pornography? Humiao 2016 "theme into the recess bell safety education in the province’s primary and secondary schools, to remind the uninterrupted. At the same time, the Jiangxi primary and secondary school students to remind the safety of a daily broadcast education, a book and CD was officially opened in June 1st in the province’s primary and secondary schools. In the "61" children’s day before the arrival of Anhui in about 170 primary and secondary schools in the province, the organization of more than 100 students to carry out the "join the green bookmark action signature campaign posted nearly 4000 green bookmark posters distributed nearly 60 thousand green bookmark to students. On the occasion of the fall semester, Anhui pornography office organized a pornography? Humiao 2016 "special education activities in the distribution of" green bookmark "posted" anti)相关的主题文章: