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Travel-and-Leisure If you are shopping lover plan your holidays to Antigua and you can find great opportunities for buying different traditional and international goods in the markets and shops of Antigua. Most of the Antiguas shops are collected on St. Marys Street or High Street in St. Johns. Many of the shops here are open from Monday to Saturday but this thins varies a lot depend on the place to place. Antiguan shopkeepers are very independent and their working hours are depending on their will. You can buy many duty-free items from here such as linens and English woolens. Buy some of the significant local goods in your Antigua holidays such as straw work, local pottery, floppy, rum, shell curios, foldable hats and hand-printed fabrics. The juicy Antiguan black pineapple is also worth visiting. One major chasing land in St. John’s is the Redcliffe Quay waterfront located on the southern edge of town. Here you can see more than three-dozen boutiques which are housed in earlier warehouses located around the tree-shaded landscaped courtyards. One of the popular and most favorite boutiques here is A Thousand Flowers and in your Antigua holidays you can buy natural rayon, fiber and other fabrics from here. If you will visit Gazebo you can expect a small collection of everything from Indonesian wood items to mass of south of the border pottery and interesting blue-glaze plates. Just include this place in your Antigua holiday packages and you will have lots of fun at this place. Additional Redcliffe Quay shops which includes Isis is also unique place for buying Egyptian jewelry, Afghan jewelry, handicrafts, cotton gowns and inlaid marquetry work. Also visit The Goldsmitty in your Antigua tours from where you can collect precious and exclusive creations of these stones with 14-18- karat gold. Its better to book your Antigua holiday deals in advance so that you can visit this place without any hassle. Noreen Phillips, Redcliffe Quay is one more place where you can find some of the best fashion outlets. Those tourists who enjoy cruise-ships can also enjoy shopping at this place and can buy casual wear and beaded glitzy dresses. You can also include Exotic Antigua, Radcliffe Quay, St. Mary’s Street in Antigua holidays as here you can find Caribbean-made gifts such as T-shirts and other clothing and few handicraft items are also available. Take your cheap flights to this place and shop until you drop. If you feel tired of shopping relax on the beaches of Antigua during your cheap Antigua holidays. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: