Apple executives explain why boring 3.5mm headset

Apple executives explain why 3.5mm headset interface boring Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, apple on September 7th local time in San Francisco – Bill Graham (Bill Graham CivicAuditorium) the municipal auditorium held a press conference at the press conference and launch the highly anticipated 7 new iPhone, iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 Plus. In addition to these two products, Cook also launched a wireless headset AirPods conference, and the development of this product seems to have started many years ago. Apple’s senior vice president of marketing Phil – Schiller (Phil Schiller) and the Apple Corp hardware engineering manager Dan Ruixier (Dan Riccio) – the famous American news aggregation site BuzzFeedNews interview when he explained in detail to abandon the traditional 3.5mm interface headset can bring many advantages in equipment design level, one of the most the main is to release the internal space is very precious part. "This interface has a history of 50 years, and it is a hole filled with air, which has been occupying a very valuable interior space. This interface allows us to delay some of the features we’ve always wanted to add to the iPhone design, and this interface has been in the same camera, processor chips and batteries for the use of space equipment. To be honest, when there is a more excellent, modern headset connection solution, we have been very difficult to continue to exercise restraint on the 3.5mm interface." Richl said. It is reported that the hardware engineering team responsible for Rui Hill put forward many design solutions for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 and 12 million camera and dual camera iPhone7 Plus seems to be the biggest hardware engineering problems faced by this generation models. This is mainly because the previous generations of iPhone is responsible for driving the display screen and the backlight small circuit board components have been placed on the top of the device, but the large size camera parts iPhone 7 built-in forced a small circuit board was moved to another location, and this change is largely determined for Apple cancel 3.5mm headset interface. After removing the headset interface, apple can not only for the iPhone 7 design a new Home key application (that is, the use of Taptic Engine to press the transfer of physical feedback, and access to pressure perception). At the same time, apple can also use more internal space for the iPhone7 configuration of a larger capacity battery. The company said that iPhone 7 compared to iPhone 6S has an additional battery placement space of 14%, while the 5.5 inch iPhone Plus also has an additional battery space of 5% compared to the previous. In addition, the removal of the 3.5mm headset interface is also a certain degree of iPhone7 waterproof key. Although there are analysts.相关的主题文章: