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Careers-Employment When thinking of a sales professional, aggression and a sharp tongue often .e to mind, especially when one thinks of candidates from ‘The Apprentice’ or other such shows. However, in reality, this is simply not the case as sales staff are required to be amicable, persuasive and informative. In fact, aggressive or dishonest tactics could result in a serious disciplinary action. Now that the stereotypes are out of the way, lets focus on what kind of person could be fulfilled by a career in sales. Honesty is perhaps the most important character trait for someone considering sales, as is a high level of both oral and written .munication skill. Sales professionals are required to be .petent in their business field, whether that involves selling FMCG products or information services. Whilst a degree is prudent for those wanting to enter specialist fields such as pharmaceutical sales, many sales professionals .e from a hardworking background, starting in junior positions and making their way up through the ranks. Qualifications are advantageous, but a strong work ethic, .mon sense and a driven attitude are more likely to be rewarded with .mission, promotion or sales development training programmes. Perhaps the biggest draw of the role is .mission, which is solely based on your performance as a sales professional. In order to achieve the best .mission rewards, many sales staff are required to travel across the UK or overseas on short notice. A passion to succeed, coupled with a bubbly and energetic demeanour can help an individual get through long hours or excessive travelling, whilst maintaining a professional approach at all times. Travelling to visit possible leads means that sales professionals have to be on top of their game consistently. In addition, they are required to get on with a variety of people, inspiring them to buy a product or service. Strong presentation skills are vital, as is the ability to answer a variety of questions about a particular business field. If this wets your appetite for more information about sales careers, it could be prudent to gain some work experience in a sales environment, to give you a head-start in a .petitive field. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: